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Friday, November 25, 2011

Pasto, I miss you already!

Friday, November 25, 2011

To Our Fellow Infidels

As most of you know by now, Pastorius, one of the founders of this blog, has decided to take a hiatus from blogging to pursue other projects.

After 7 or 8 years of this I can't blame him and everyone here wishes him the best.

That said, it leaves a bit of a gap in our coverage that we are sorting out.

Always on Watch, Epaminondas and I are all struggling to stay afloat personally one way or another. This may not be our day job but we often tend to think of it as such and try to keep up and keep current but that is not always possible. Fortunately we have great contributors like Avi Green, Grant Jones, Citizen Warrior, Dag, Jason Pappas, Christine, Ray Boyd, rumcrook, Culturist John, Sonic Charmer, Claudia and many others helping us out.

One thing is clear, the message at Infidel Bloggers Allaince has not changed. To warn whoever will listen (and beat into submission those who won't) about the dangers of radical Islam.


The Truth is not that simple.

Our world is changing in ways few would have thought about 5 years ago.

And Global Warming has NOTHING to do with it.

Europe is on the edge of a collapse like we saw in the 20's. It seems Germany is trying to flex it's financial muscle to provide bailouts for Greece and Italy and Spain et al in exchange for a do it our way or the highway deal. The people's of these nations are less than amused by this. I won't say it will lead to another European war but I won't say it won't either.

The MENA region is aflame and changing daily. Most of these changes are not for the better despite what the media says. Egypt is in revolt again. The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to take over there, in Libya, possibly in Yemen. Syria is on the brink of open revolution and Assad cannot be assured of his place much longer short of the mst brutal of crackdowns that would make what's happening now look like a schoolyard fight. And Hezbollah is threatening to take Beirut if Assad falls.

The conflict with Iran is heating up, Israel threatening to attack, the U.S. threatening to write a harshly worded letter etc.

North Korea is still an erratic entity. China is trying to take over the manufacturing world but may be having it's own financial instability.

And of course there is the current shenanigans in our own country. Whether it's an absentee president, a do nothing Congress (all of which need to go and the sooner the better) our crashing economy (oh yes it is) crushing unemployment Occupy loons Union goons or DHS moer concerned with turkey fryers than helping the NYPD with a terror suspect building pipe bombs on his mother's sofa.

And all of it ties together to present a picture of a world seemingly unraveling.

Radical Islam is neither the author nor the heart of this but it is there nevertheless and will try to exploit any chink in the armor it can.

Two of the great things established early at IBA were the ability to comment largely (almost completely) without censorship and not asking for donations as so many other blogs do.

None of that changes.

It does mean, however, that we need to do that other offline stuff that helps us pay the bills and keep the families fed which keeps us from posting here as much as we'd like.

We may not be able to cover all of it but we will cover as much as we can. Whether it's the latest Islamic atrocity or the latest idiocy and disconnect from D.C.

Thanks for reading all this time and keep coming back.

We're not going anywhere.

Just sorting it out.
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Always On Watch said...

I miss Pasto so much! We've been allies for years.

I wish that I had more time to write for IBA. Alas, I'm on overload.

Always On Watch said...

Pasto is occasionally commenting at IBA and THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS. He also sometimes posts at TAB.