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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Email from Norway

Sunday, June 24, 2007 < < < <

Email from Norway

Guess, Who wrote this E-mail to whom ?!

I am running an email I received from an "XXXXX" reader in Norway. It is devastating in its matter-of-factness.

Well, yes, the situation is worsening. Stepping up from 29 000 immigrants every year, in 2007 we will be getting a total of 35 000 immigrants from somalia, iran, iraq and afghanistan. The nations capital is already 50% muslim, and they ALL go there after entering Norway. Adding the 1.2 births per woman per year from muslim women, there will be 300 000+ muslims out of the then 480 000 inhabitants of that city.

Orders from Libya and Iran say that Oslo will be known as Medina at the latest in 2010, although I consider this a PR-stunt nevertheless it is their plan.

From Israel the hordes clawing at the walls of Jerusalem proclaim cheerfully that next year there will be no more Israel, and I know Israel shrugs this off as do I, and will mount a strike during the summer against all of its enemies in the middle east. This will make the muslims worldwide go into a frenzy, attacking everyone around them.

We are stockpiling and caching weapons, ammunition and equipment. This is going to happen fast.

Before, I thought about emigrating to Britain, Israel, USA, South Africa, etc. for taxes and politics, but instead (although I believe we are the very last generation on earth before the return of God) I will stay and fight for the right to this country and indeed the entire peninsula, for the God-fearing people, just in case this isn't the end of the world after all. Doesn't hurt to have a backup plan.

It's far from impossible to achieve, after all my people has done it every time before, in feats that match the ancient greek, hebrew and british "legends".

Oslo and the southeast may fall easily, but there are other lines than "state"-borders drawn across this country since long before there was even a single muslim in the world, and we have held them this long, against everyone else too. We are entering a new golden age for my people, and those of a handful other countrys, but only through struggle.

Miluimnik said...

What a wonderful letter. We've come to expect this sort of exceptional correspondence an the pages of Atlas...but I remain in awe of your readership and their commitment to freedom and liberty nonetheless.

Sam Adams (nice beer too!) said;

If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in peace. We seek not your council, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.

Your Norwegian friend understands Adams better than most so called "Americas".

john jay said...

christians and jews:

to arms!! to arms!!

if our leaders betray us, and surely norwegian leaders betray their citizens, then we have no one left to betray us, except our selves and our own cowardice.

are we to slip into an eternal dark ages without a fight?

so, i say.--

to arms!! to arms!!

the fight has started, and we must respond.

john jay

wxjames said...

As we see by that Norwegian's letter the government of Norway has committed hari-cari and thrown it's people into a no win situation, but for what ? What did the ignorant government have to gain by such treason ?
I only hope that in the event civil war breaks out there or any other democracy, that the US still has enough moral clarity to supply the native populations with guns and ammunition if not troops.
I fear, however that the world is in such a general state of instability that it may become every man for himself. Even here in the USA, people speak of civil war to overthrow leftism and political correctness and the general loss of individual rights to regulations and special interests.
How much further can we go down this road ? How much more crap before critical mass is reached. In some parts of Europe, the time is close. In Israel and Lebanon, the time is close. Along the border between the USA and Mexico, the time is close. Pakistan and India, and several places in Africa and the loud ticking bomb in Iran all point to more war soon........ The time is close.

turn said...

There's an Old Testament blood-bath comin'.
Question remains: Are there enough Norsemen that will hear the Wyking song pulse in their veins?
Or will they rely on their Norske and EU's eunuch 'leadership'?

Season after season Norway (and Sweden) are conceding whole neighborhoods populated by 'immigrants' as no-go zones. Police and EMS won't respond there. It's the friggin' death-cry of civilization when the barbarians can intimidate in this manner.

So...yes. A very nice letter to you, Pam, from a Norwegian Atlasite (Atlasonian?). Unfortunately, he or she could be prosecuted under hate-speech laws for writing or posting in Norway what you have passed on to us.

Pamela Geller said...

yes turn, which is why I ran it anonymously

tazzerman2000 said...

I always find it interesting that Duncan and his ilk avoid these types of posts...

Hmmm, I wonder why?

John Jay says: "are we to slip into an eternal dark ages without a fight?"

That IS the question exactly...

A wonderful letter I agree!

Some facts (just naturally) exaggerated though. Not half the population in Oslo is muslims. About 22 percent of the population is immmigrants. Foreign born people mostly immigrated since early 90th (children not counted) and to 90 percent from the countries mentioned in the letter. So some less than 20 percent of Oslo citizen should be muslims. And that's many! In Malmoe Sweden every 25 percent are muslims, and there's real tension! (No more pork, probably only halal, in many public schools is only one consequence.)

What to come? Half the population is certainly muslims within 20-40 years in cities as Malmoe and Oslo I think. Due to a continued immigration and an increase emigration of the native population, easily within 20 years!

Only figures. I can see how the problem hugely increases long before the 50 percent of the population!


Why this? In Europe there is the social democrat left against the "bourgeois" liberals and conservatives (I'm a conservative), but the "liberal right" isn't yet realize the problem, and not the too saintly christian conservatives either... The problem is created by "the political class" and a constant policy for large scale immigration.

I think I'll join the radical immigration party that is backtalked as racists. All other political parties continues to omit sound arguments against the ongoing mass immigration as racism. It sucks. :-I Both the Swedish and British conservative party is now quite liberal... Really BAD!!!!!!!

IGout said...

The only country in Europe with any anatomical spheres is Putin's Russia. It may be that his plans to Finlandise Europe through his oil and gas reserves will be your salvation. Holy cow but History has a sense of humor.

IGout: What is "anatomical sphere"? (I really hope it's sn't a race thing!!) Russia, btw, has also a, so to say, large scale muslim issue, if you didn't know...

But to start an armed war...? No, but fight a political war against immigration and a steady decline by the numbers of ppl from a nonhuman culture with the goal to change our culture.

(Rightwing liberalism in Europe = free nonregulated immigration is without problems if only the labour market is liberal. Well, liberal labour markets are good but the conclusion is stupid!)

john jay said...

magnus andersson:

first point. an "anatomical sphere" is a teste. two anatomical spheres" constitutes one "ugly sack." sometimes referred to as cajones or juevos, more or less spanish/mexican for "eggs."

second point. "but to start an armed war ...? No, ..." the answer, my friend, is actually "yes," if you want them to leave.

you are invaded, as surely as was england when you ancestors marched ashore in northern england or scotland or on the river banks of paris, wielding trade goods in one hand and swords in the other.

they will not go home, unless your force them to go home, at the point of a bayonet. they have not left lebanon, and only one things keeps them from israel.

you have hit the nail square on the head, as your culture faces a steady decline from the influence of a nonhuman culture, seeking to throw over your culture and seize your lands, your property, and your womenfolk.

you must fight, magnus, or they will take it from you without a fight, and that will be your legacy.

john jay

john daly, I think You are the guy that talks and think u r clever (sic!). You are doing the jadajdada anti-PC talk without any sence. I think it's important to talk right stuff. Of course I figth, but within the law (eh, maybe not accordning to blasphemy laws).

What I sreot yesterday but didn't sent is here below. I think there is time for armed war against Islam when there is a situation that makes an armed war right. It's not yet the situation in Scandinavia, but in soutehrn Thailand it is (it also has been in Balkan etc...). The number of- and influence from muslims is still not enough for an armed war in Scandinavia, but if not the politics change I think we may reach that point in the future. I don't know when. We may not know before it happens. We'll have enclaves and a balkanization, I think, and that must be avoided by a non armed fight. An armed fight now is insane and to destroy all nessecary confidence and effort of warnings and work for different immigration politics. Well this was what I wrote before; it may be bad langage and bad written in general, but... Your argument was rethorical bullsh*t, and read here below why. (It's btw not acceptable either to tell someone to fight an armed war -- to kill -- muslims in the west, and I explain what I think about that too):


john: So what GIout said was actually "The only country in Europe with any ["eggs"] So is Putin's Russia ... will be your salvation."

I'm not sure I understand the word in this context. I guess that it was mentioned without any idea of the political situation. Russia is a real mess, not the hope for Europe (SIC!)! The situation is that western Europe have about 5 percent muslims and southern and parts of estern Europe a "below low" birthrate. Russia has a "below low" birtrate *and* 15 percent muslims -- more than twice as many as in western Europe. (Was GIout without a clue about Russia, or?)

(Eastern Europe has low birthrates but often very few muslims. Sweden and Norway has probably the highest immigration rate in Europe now. The emigration rate in Sweden has reached a high rate of the 19th century starvation emigration, but now the educated leave.)

You suggest me to go out on the street shooting and think that will do some good? I can't take your suggestion of an armed fight seriously, that you must understand! It seems you just talk a lot of bullsh*t, and I definitely don't need any advice from you, stupid! But our society shall if nessecary use armed force to deport the radical muslims (as we stop futher muslim immigration), but that's a police issue.

The alternativ to be a lunetic criminal fighting with arms is to fight the democracy way. Right? (You have to be brave to fight the democracy way too!) It's much against lots of our societal institutions, but we have to be crystal clear in ou rcritics against the blindness within these as well as in the liberal discourse. A rational ground needed to achieve change. (Your suggestion of armed force... I know that problem and the legitimacy of the armed restistance movement on the mexican border, but here in europe we have nothing similar. Immigrants enter our nations in aeroplanes you see... Do you suggests us to insanely shoot immigrants walking out of planes? Eh? The immigration politics better change, or? What do you say, stupid talker?)

If anti-immigration parties are more successful in Europe things can change. In France they now deport radical muslims, but a completely turn around in the politics I think we need to have.

Do you yourself have a gun to shoot politicians and/or immigrants, or what do you really refer to, john jay? Or are you an "anti-PC nut case" just "talking war" without guts?


Some more answer: The comparison with the vikings in Scotland and England. They brought important and appreciated changes to these areas too! E.g. the Irish people really likes Scandinavians and the its influence. The problem with your argument is also that it's not equal to the problems of our time and therefor not valid. There was medieval laws in the medieval society you know...; warfare was pretty much a normal state, and sometimes villages was burnt and sometimes there was more friendship and trade. Lots of normal things today was stricly forbidden. Violent revenge was sometimes legal as it isn't today, and there was what we can call "Semi-sharia laws" and, yes, if one took a foreign woman it was a serious crime -- also *to be* a foreign man from the neighbour village could be a crime, and warfare could start if many neighbour village ppl entered ;) Okey comparison in the modern society you think?

We have also even larger scale invasion in modern time. Betsen 30 and 50 percent (I think) of the Baltic countries Latvia and Lithuania are today Russian people caused by communist conducted migration the late 20th century, but these countries and societies don't disappear! So it's about cultural distance, which isn't always about ethnical distance (e.g. Ayaan Hirsi Ali). But if we shall save our culture from islam I don't prefer the go-postal-way. It's like a "Shining suggestion" if you know what I mean; *lol*.

The problem we have is that no one even try the political way. People listen to the PC jadajada without awareness from politicians and don't dare to oppose it. The way to resist isn't to go postal as a Timothy McVeigh but to argue against indifferent and/or blind politicians and in that way be their pain in ass... Maybe join some democratic anti immigration party too.

Since not many dare to speak out in Europe I guess that some percents of those who do speaks about it are nazis, which's a pity. What about you, pro-armed-war john jay? ;) Are you just a decent mexican border defence rightwing man, or? The problem is the fear of speaking out, the fear (in the intellectual climate a rational one) to confront the politics. But with no political opposition there is no political change! If this culture of fear is broken I believe things can change. E.g almost non regulated mass immigration can be stopped, radicals be deported and the defence of our culture become an important issue in the society!

Oslo has 22 percent immigrants, not 50 percent. Still the long term muslim influence, umma project -- the jihad (to be offended and cry)-- and lack of awareness by our politicians is a huge problem. But to shoot immigrants ...or politicians? You're serious?! Nazi? John Jay, the Norwegian here exaggerated the scale of up to date immigration I guess by a factor of about 3, but you shall know better and are a more than a nut suggesting to kill people (in Oslo). Too weird to think about but wlil for sure garantee the exclusion of anyone who try to politically oppose the immigration and presence of radical islam.

If you can't recognize a non violent road between the Timothy McVeigh resistance and total inactivity I can't disuss with you. I believe in something in between get raped and rape... in the sphere of politics and democracy. At least I know what that is.

We must make people aware of what's happen and show them how we must act. That's to fight! If we got enclaves we might have real war and have to pick up arms, but to nail the head now is to succeed in changing politics. Got it?

Who is - " magnus andersson " ?


Report: Israeli Jet Fighters in Qatar

Israeli-Qatari relations warming up?
Hizbullah television says IAF fighter jets landed in Qatar.Fighter jets belonging to the Israeli Air Force landed last weekend in military bases in Qatar, Hizbullah’s Al Manar television network reported on Friday.
The report, which was attributed to “informed sources,” has not been confirmed elsewhere. According to Al Manar, the sources pointed out that this is “a most dangerous development and one which was planned in advance between Qatar and Israel and the United States.”

The Lebanese news network claimed that Qatar and Israel have had close military coordination for a long time and added that “officials from both countries hold meetings to promote relations between the two countries in many fields, be it politically, militarily, or economically.”

Despite being an Arab country, Qatar has tried to brand itself as a peaceful neutral world power.

In recent months, Qatar has been one of the countries that tried to broker a deal to ease Yemen’s president Ali Abdullah Saleh from power. It is also reportedly mediating talks between the Taliban and the United States, as well as between the Taliban and the Karzai government in Afghanistan.

Qatar has also taken what can be seen as bold moves against other Arab countries. These include joining the international allied effort against Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and indefinitely closing its embassy in Damascus, after it was attacked by pro-Assad demonstrators.

I told you so !

I told you so !

(Reuters) - More than 30 political parties and movements withdrew from a rally on Friday that was organized to send a united message to the ruling army about reform, saying the
event was hijacked by Islamist groups.
"Islamic law above the constitution," read banners in Cairo's Tahrir Square that was packed with tens of thousands of people. Protesters who fear Islamists will seek to dominate plans to rewrite the constitution demanded they be taken down.

"Islamic, Islamic, we don't want secular," they chanted in the square filled with many followers of the strict Salafist interpretation of Islam.


In the Sinai Peninsula, where many people own weapons, about 150 people rallied in the town of Al-Arish. Some had banners with Islamic slogans. They fired shots in the air. Security sources said one youth and a policeman were wounded.

Read more here :-


Al Arish On Fire "Updated"

There are huge clashes since today’s afternoon in Al Arish border city. According to what I understood there were militant group that attacked both the police and the army. It started with an attack on Al Arish second precinct by that militant group after the end of the Islamists’ protest in the city that was peaceful.
According to official sources 3 citizens “including 70 years old man and 13 years old boy” were killed and 28 other citizen were injured. An army captain was reportedly killed in the clashes.
Updated :The death toll has increased in to 4 citizens according to, a 18 years old young boy has passed away after being injured in the clashes while Ashraf Al Anay from Sinai says that the death toll increased in to 7 and while there are 23 injured; 17 are currently treated at the army hospital while the rest are being transferred by army medical helicopters to other cities.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fly, My Chicks

Staff Sergeants Amnon & Jonathan
Finished their 1095 days (& nights) service in the IDF

Fly, My Chiks

Words: Arik Einstein

My little chicks have spread their wings and they've

They left the nest and they're flying.
And we old birds have stayed behind in the nest,
All we can hope is that life will treat them kindly.

I always knew one day this moment would come,

And that we'd have to let them go,
But when it came, it took me right by surprise
So it's no wonder that I'm feeling so low.

Fly, my chicks,

And soar into the heavens.
Spread your wings and fly up there.
But don't forget
The eagle up above you,
Please beware.

The two of us are left alone in the nest,

But we will be here together.
Just hold me tight, and always stay by my side,
We'll face the future and grow old with a smile.

Fly, my chicks,

And soar into the heavens.
Spread your wings and fly up there.
But don't forget
The eagle up above you,
Please beware

Of course I know it, that's how it goes in nature.

When I was young, I did it too,
But now the time has come for parting,
And I must shed a tear for you,
Just one small tear for you.

Fly, my chicks,

And soar into the heavens.
Spread your wings and fly up there.
But don't forget
The eagle up above you,
Please beware

Monday, July 25, 2011

Jebem vam mater !

jebo vam pas mater ... sta sad imate ... kad ste smenili Milosevica ... picka vam materina .... prodali ste se za sitne pare !!!
Jebem vam mater izdajnicku radite i dalje za CIA!
е, јадна вам мајка.. проклинје вас свака честита душа. Желим вам сваком појединачно, све најнајнајгоре што се пожелети може изродима и издајницима као што сте ви.
demokrate i otporaši, da Bog da vam se deca raspadala od kancera, da Bog da vam se seme zatrlo u kratkom roku, da Bog da da vam pakao bude draži od onoga što ćete doživeti uskoro...
zavadi pa vladaj... a ovog popovica treba posetiti!!!
Koje je govno ovaj Popovic. Sjebao je Milosevica da bi doveo SOTONE na vlast! Placeni izdajnik kojim amerika upravlja!
I ko ce biti kriv, kad se jednog dana budu postavljala pitanja, ko je imao pravo da se sa strane petlja u tudje drzave i uvozi im revolucije? Ako ovako nastavimo, za par decenija ce ceo svet da moli dezurne svetske pandure, da nas izbrisu sa par nuklearki.


כבר מהיום הראשון נכתב כאן - מדובר במסע אנרכיסט בניחוח קומוניסטי, שמיועד למטרה אחת - הרס המדינה היהודית והקמת "מדינת כל אזרחיה. הפלת הממשלה הנה רק יעד ביניים (הקמת מדינה פלסטינית). המהפכה מיועדת להמשיך עד להשלטת שלטון ערבי במדינת היהודים.
לא חדש, לא מפתיע.
מי שמכיר את NIF - הקרן לישראל חדשה (הקרן החדשה לישראל), יודע שאלה הן מטרותיה האמיתיות. כל השאר הנו מסווה/מסכה (ממש כמו של האנרכיסט) או בלשון המקצועית - ארגוני חזית (Front Organization).
גם סמל האגרוף הקפוץ עם הסיסמאות "צדק חברתי", מהפכה חברתית" שמכבב בחתימות כאן (ושהובא מבלוגים ואתרים של האנרכיסטי ואנשי הקרן לישראל חדשה NIF), קשור לכך. סמל זה מלווה את כל המהפכות מאז פירוק יוגוסלביה, דרך מהפכות במזרח אירופה, העולם הערבי, ספרד..(חלקן אלימות מאוד)


Common Concerns About Islamic Extremism

Muslim-Western Tensions Persist

National vs. Religious Identity

Across the nations surveyed, Christians and Muslims differ in the degree to which religion defines their identity. Among most of the Muslim publics polled, Muslims tend to identify with their religion, rather than their nationality. This is particularly true in Pakistan, where 94% think of themselves primarily as Muslim instead of Pakistani.

Lebanon and the Palestinian territories are exceptions to this pattern, however – more Muslims in both countries identify first with their nationality rather than with their religion. And many Muslims refuse to choose between nation and religion, volunteering that they identify with both.

Throughout Europe, most Christians think of themselves primarily in terms of their national identity. Fully 90% of French Christians take this view. The clear exception is the U.S., where Christians are divided: 46% primarily identify as American and 46% as Christian. Seven-in-ten white evangelical Christians in the U.S. identify first with their religion.

Both of the major religious communities in Israel identify primarily with their religion. Nearly six-in-ten (57%) Jews identify first as Jews, while among the country’s Muslim community 77% think of themselves first as Muslims.


No such thing as Israeli Nationality !

A person who was born to a Jewish Mother, carries the "burden" of Jewish Nationality until death !
He/She may live on the Moon, speak no Hebrew at all, Eat pork chops from morning till evening, Drive a car in front of a Synagogue on Yom Kippur, vote for Obama or burn the Israeli flag just to drive me MAD ! He/She are Jewish Nationals for EVAH !
To BECOME a Jew, is a completely different story !
Firstly - it is a RELIGIOUS act ! ( No recommended for opportunists!... )
Secondly - The whole process and ceremony is dictated by a Jewish Rabbi ( usually from the orthodox branch... ).
After a short interview in which the "Candidate" will be asked the 'standard' question :-
" Please tell me in your own words, why a nice looking, smart, healthy, well educated and happy person like you, wants to ruin his own life and the lives of his offspring for generation to come with such a ridiculous idea ? Don't you read HISTORY books ?"
If you haven't cracked by now and you still insist stubbornly to proceed ahead, you better do your homework carefully and come up with something original and completely new !
Because, this old man heard all the stories many times before and he might fall asleep in the middle of you performance!
This moment is known as the nearest thing to death!...

A person, carrying a "Blue ID Card" is an ISRAELI !

You must be a Jewish National in order to become an Israeli citizen automatically ! (The Law of Return)
There are many Israeli citizens with other Nationality written in their ID Card like, Druze, Cherkessk, Armenians just to name a few and of course "our" Arabs the Bedouins and Palestinians, but for them the Ministry of the Interiors arranged separate classification giving them more options to choose like :- Arab, Muslim, Bedouin etc. ( No Pali !...).
I know a few with "Hebrew" nationality written in their ID Card !


  • There is a widespread perception that Muslims living in the West do not want to assimilate. Majorities in Europe and the U.S. think Muslims wish to remain distinct from the rest of society, instead of embracing the way of life in Western nations. More than two-thirds in Germany and Spain believe Muslims do not want to adopt national customs.
  • Among Muslim publics, many believe that Americans and Europeans are hostile toward Muslims. In fact, in Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, and Jordan, the belief that Americans and Europeans are hostile has become more common since 2006.
  • In Western nations, those who believe some religions are more prone to violence than others tend to say Islam is the most violent faith (when asked to choose among Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism). Muslim publics who think some religions are especially prone to violence tend to name Judaism.
  • Concerns about Islamic extremism have declined significantly in Jordan over the last five years. Currently, 47% of Jordanian Muslims are worried about extremism, down from 69% in a spring 2006 poll conducted just months after the November 2005 bombing of three Amman hotels.
  • Lebanese Muslims are consistently the least likely to assign negative characteristics to Westerners – less than half think Westerners are selfish, violent, greedy, immoral, arrogant, or fanatical.
  • There is an education gap on views about Muslim assimilation – in Western Europe and the U.S., those who do not have a college degree are more likely than those who do to believe that Muslims want to remain distinct from the broader society.



Brotherhood’s website alleges spies & ‘Zionists’ infiltrating Tahrir protests:

@AnMustafa When r our Saudi bro/sis realize that their King is a pawn & slave of the Zionists & the US gov? German tank deal is just another proof!!

It seems increasingly clear that the recent wave of Arab revolts has helped the already ingrained conspiracy theories to become more elaborate, absurd and frankly ridiculous. In one of the ironic twists, it appears that no one is immune from the accusation of Zionism.” Within the Arab world, it becomes an exotic alternative to “treason”.

So apparently, Gaddafi is a Zionist; did he not send a delegation to Israel recently to plot his own survival? , There are many examples of graffiti in Benghazi showing Gaddafi with the Star of David. The Libyan rebels and their LNC have had their fair share of these accusations too, after all the “Zionist” Bernard Henri Levi has supported them and brought in NATO to protect them.

Assad also is an alleged Zionist; he kept the Golan front quiet for years and he hinted (through his cousin Rami Maklouf) that the stability of Israel is linked to his regime’s survival. The same regime, which claims on a daily basis that there is a Zionist plot against Syria with many Zionist infiltrators attacking innocent Syrians everywhere from Deraa to Deir el Zour.

According to many, the king of all Arab Zionists is certainly Mubarak. For 30 years, he maintained a close relation with the “Zionist entity” and plotted against the Palestinian resistance in Gaza. As a reward, Israel has sent their agent, the 27 years old “ IIen Grapel “ to Tahrir Square in Cairo to stir up a revolution against him. They were not even satisfied by his removal from power; their main aim is to destabilize Egypt who had peace treaty with them by sending more agents into Tahrir in order to orchestrate an opposition movement against the ruling military council!

In Lebanon, who killed Hariri? Search nowhere; apparently, the Zionists did it. Allegedly, Israel had penetrated the Lebanese cellphone system to coordinate his assassination.

The only possible conclusion from this absurd logic is, “ All Arab leaders are probably Zionist traitors and all their opponents are probably Zionist traitors too.” Marvelous!! This is not even funny.

Nor is this by any means a new phenomenon. Sadly it has been an integral part of the Arab daily political scene for a long time. Perhaps the first one to win the title was Sadat; he probably sealed his fate following his famous kiss to Golda Meir. It was distressing enough for some to see him pursue peace with Israel, but to kiss Golda was by far a crime that would never deserve to be forgiven (at least in their mind).

The Oslo accord was another turning point; it divided the Palestinians into two camps, a pro peace one who “foolishly fell” for the Zionist plot and a resistance camp that maintained their rejection of the “ Zionist entity “ and will keep fighting forever.

In fact, one of the few things the far right and the far left in the Arab world agree on is their rejection of the peace process with Israel. Both camps have done their best to discredit their opponents and label them as western imperialist Zionist traitors.

The explanation of this phenomenon is by no mean easy. It is emblematic of the whole Arab psyche and their perception of themselves and the outside world.

Roger Cohen has addressed the issue in his article in New York Times, (December 2010): “What we are dealing with here is the paltry harvest of captive minds. Such minds resort to conspiracy theory because it is the ultimate refuge of the powerless. If you cannot change your own life, it must be that some greater force controls the world”.

His statement is certainly true, however, if we want to dig deeper we can come up with some key contributing factors, which helped this phenomena to grow.

First: Media.

As a basic rule, Arabic media must avoid religion, sex and the current leader to be safe from censorship. Outside these areas, they are allowed to go wild with no limitation and no code of conduct. The Zionist plot and the Arab hero who fight it is an easy successful formula for a feel good factor. You can guarantee one soap opera per season about a Zionist plot, and off course it usually breaches the fine line between Jewish and Israeli. The bottom-line message is that, they are all evil and they are continuously plotting against Arabs.

Second: Official History books:

The main aim of all official history books is to praise the current leader and discredit his predecessor. Modern history was usually addressed to fit the political outlook of the regime with a clear tendency to blame foreign plots rather than drew some balanced conclusions. In fact, both Arab and Israeli history books are biased against each other.

Third: Totalitarian regimes

There is no doubt that the first two factors stem from years of oppression and totalitarian rule. (One-man vision, one-man theory and one-man analogy). Arab leaders infantilize their people in order to rule them by creating a sense of victimization and helplessness, which were employed as a useful distraction tools to divert attention from the core problem “ Tyranny”. Accusation of treason and Zionism is easy way to discredit and oppress any opposition. It has worked time and time again; any western link will automatically put a political opponent under scrutiny.

Ironically, the longer a leader’s stay in power, the more his inconsistency becomes apparent. The regime’s deals and link with western power become more exposed; people start to spot the hypocrisy. No wonder, some may label the likes of Gaddafi and Assad as traitors.

Fourth: Loose definitions.

The term Zionist becomes an umbrella to cover a wide variety of descriptions; western, liberal, pro- peace, etc.

They are usually four categories for these allegations:

Category A: an Arab with liberal western values, who consider the USA and Europe as useful allies. The accusation of Zionism may not be overt though hints and gestures may be deployed.

Category B: an Arab with western affiliation who dare to criticize the resistance movements (Hamas, Hezballah) or possibly questions their plans or strategies. This is a red line, once crossed, a barrage of threats, abuse may follow, and certainly accusation of Zionism would be loud and clear.

Category C: an Arab who develops links with Israel either politically or economically.

Category D: an Arab who accepts Israel right to exist.

Many may argue that Category C and D deserve the accusation and they are indeed traitors (this is a topic for another post), however, to extend the accusation to the first two categories is not just absurd but also reflects a deeply troubling unidirectional vision which is incapable of considering any different point of view.

Fifth: Invasion, occupation, conquerors.

It is easy to forget that Arabs were colonial power too. For example, Arabs hadve occupied Crete, Malta, Sicily and indeed Spain. Yes, they created a thriving multicultural society and were tolerant to non-Muslims. However, it was at the end of the day an occupation. However, somehow in the Arab psyche, they were benign conquerors and the others were oppressive occupiers and nobody dares to challenge that concept at all. It is certainly true that Arabs usually had a code of conduct far more advanced than their peers, and their actions should be put within the historical context; nonetheless, they were occupiers who fought those who resisted them. The sooner they admit it, the better the prospect of recovery from for this sense of being victims will be. They need to understand that history comes in cycles with good eras and bad ones.

Throughout history, plots and treason have existed, and Israel is no exception. Their secret agents “ Mossad “ had a long record of assassinations targeted against Israel’s opponents. However, it seems that their Arab neighbours want to give them credit for literally every event in the political arena far more than what they deserve. This silly generosity needs to stop soon, enough is enough.

Many thought the Arab spring might put an end to this pathological problem; it was great to watch the January 25th revolution in Egypt without seeing any sign against Israel or America in the demonstrations. Finally, Egyptians were addressing their local issues without involving any outsiders.

The only way forward is for us Arabs to have the self-confidence to accept some measure of responsibility of our own mistakes. After all, to seek the truth is surely to affirm our finest values and not in any way to betray them. We also need to build a pluralistic society where all political parties are accepted, including those pro- peace with Israel. You may despise them, but you should let them express their point of view. Definitions need to be accurate, only those who have illegal contacts should be labeled as traitors.

Sadly, old habits die-hard, plots and conspiracy theories have already started to creep in again after only a few months, it will take many years of free open society and pluralism to wipe it out.

I decided to show the Roger Cohen article to someone who continuously use the term “Zionist plot”. His reply was “ A classic piece from a Zionist”.

I know nothing about Roger Cohen background or his political affiliation but I am sure that his article has nothing to do with either of them.


EXCELLENT but she has MISSED the following:
1 The Quran is ZIONIST! This is not a JOKE! It is because of my intense studies of the Quran etc over 30 years that I was able to find this out!
All you need to do is go to >>>go to CHAPTERS--scroll down to 209 and be ENTHRALLED!
2 She has not addressed the FACT that the Western LEFT WINGERS in Academia, Politics, Clergy & espcially the Media who actually Aided, Abetted & Colluded with these very same Conspiracy Theories thus adding to their alleged VERACITY!
It is VITAL hence to SHOW the Muslim world that their Quran completely agrees with n& SUPPORTS the claims of the Israelites & the Jews to the PROMISED LAND in perfectly clear Arabic!
Please send this to Nervana for VERIFICATION!


IQ al Rassooli

Anders Behring Breivik

The video that Anders Behring Breivik posted on YouTube before he attacked Oslo City with a bomb who killed 7 people, and afterwards killed almost 90 youth people at Utøya outside Oslo.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Omar Barguti

Omar Barguti

was still in a liquid form, when three Japanese "global freedom fighters" massacred 26 Christian pilgrims in Ben Gurion Air Port. In this Video, he is selling exactly the same Bader Minhof's -Gibril's - Okamoto's "non violent" stuff !


Ottomans Vs. Mamluks

The Mamluks period was indeed an intriguing era, with tales of plots, love & betrayals, not to mention brutal violence, but nonetheless, vibrant with a long period of prosperity. The ex-slaves determined warriors defended their adoptive country and offered patronage for artisans and intellectuals. Cities such as Cairo served as a center for learning with flourishing Madrassas, it even had a hospital for psychiatric illness where music played to create a soothing, healing atmosphere. (I usually take what was written in my old history books with a pinch of salts, but I believe this one). Women enjoyed some rights and were not segregated. The remaining Mamluks houses in old Cairo with its lofty windows (unlike the rather restrictive Mashrabia) reflect this relatively liberal atmosphere.

The killing of the young, devoted Toman bey signalled the end of national identity. The Turks divided the conquered empire into three sections, the northern region with Aleppo as the capital, central region (including Palestine) with Damascus as the capital, and Egypt with Cairo as the capital. Arabian countries were relegated to the status of mere provinces within a super empire. Ottomans strategy was clear; a strong, powerful wealthy center served by resources and skilled workers from peripheries. They just sucked blood out of the local economy and increased its vulnerability and dependence on the central government.

Rather than resisting their occupiers, Arabs went into full submission at least initially. Though there were sporadic revolts (which were promptly suppressed), the Arab provinces were relatively calm in comparison to those in Europe and Persia. After all the Ottomans were fellow Muslims, a crucial factor that helped Arabs to accept their fate despite simmering grievances.

A combination of inertia, religious dogma and a false sense of security lead to a gradual decline in virtually all aspects of life. Arabs became increasingly isolated, inward looking, completely unaware of the enormous progress and renaissance in Western Europe. Women paid a hefty price; they became increasingly segregated, “Harim”, imprisoned within their homes and had to cover their faces if they had ventured out.

A modern Twist/ mediocre Mamluks

500 years later it seems we are witnessing a new version of the Mamluks/ Ottomans confrontation with a modern twist. This time the Mamluks are a mediocre version of their predecessors with no charisma or insight and with sheer incompetency. Despite the fact that they are the native sons of the land; they certainly never cared about it or worked towards its development, but only cared about their own survival, Arabic countries descend to a new low with corruption, dictatorship and poverty. This decline affects every aspect of life from science to medicine and art. The new Mamluks are simply pathetic and slaves to their own greed.

Weak leadership created a power vacuum, which attracted the attention of many regional and world players, including the new charismatic Turkish leader “Recep Tayyip Erdoğan”. With his vast economic achievements, the ambitious Turk has just managed to secure a third term in office, after turning his country to the Chine of Europe. Now the new Ottoman started to focus his attention to his Arabs neighbours with a different grand strategy.

So far Erdogan has managed to win the hearts & minds of many Arabs. A magic formula of anti-Israeli rhetoric, flourishing economy and increased trade links seems to be working wonders, not to mention the popularity of the Turkish soap operas among Arabs audiences. He presented them with a magical formula, where Islam, democracy and secularism can coexist together. The devout Muslim who used to sell lemonade and sesame buns (simit) on the streets of Istanbul’s rougher districts has inspired many who share his humble background and indeed his ambitions, he has become the model they can follow and want to emulate.

The Arab world has had enough from their Mamluks & has started to embark on a long journey for self-salvation from dictatorship. Uprising has started to shake the palaces of dictators everywhere in the Middle East. Many believe that Turkey could be an inspiration in their struggle for freedom and democracy.

Is Turkey’s Erdogan the right example for the Arabs to follow? Can he be the father of the Arab spring? I do not think so; there are several problems with the Erdogan model.

1- What kind of Islam?

Perhaps, the biggest failure of Erdogan is his inability to promote progressive Islamic thinking. Rather than addressing extreme religious school of thoughts particularly, in contentious topics such as woman rights, conversion out of Islam, freedom of speech, the AKP sticks to the old religious formula as a safe way to attract the heart & mind of devoted Turks. The recent protest ban in memory of the Sivas massacre is a classic example that freedom of speech is not Erdogan’s highest priority. The murder of Intellectuals for reading extract from Salman Rushdie’s Books can be conveniently ignored as a minor event. Turkish newspapers are full of horror reports: for example, religious fanatics who sprayed acid on the exposed legs of schoolgirls in Mersin and the increase in the number of honor killings.

It is a myth that Turkey succeeds in marrying Islam with democracy; AKP used them separately in a mere cohabitation rather than a firm marriage.

2- Parallel life may end up in tears

On the surface, the combination between secularism and Islamic foundation seems to be working perfectly. In reality, Islamists and liberals live a complete parallel life; they do not mix or interact. Devout, pious, Muslims are highly unlikely to mix with those who drink alcohol and wear bikini. However, the rising economic standard will allow many conservative Muslims to move to fancy neighborhood and joins luxurious golf courses. Tension and clashes will be inevitable, not just with liberal locals, but also with western homeowners who took advantage of low-house prices in Turkey to buy a second home in the sun with potentially disastrous consequences. There are already several disturbing reports of bullying of artists and celebrities who do not share the Islamists worldviews.

3- Relations with Israel

There is no doubt that Erdogan ant-Israeli rhetoric is his biggest asset in the Arab world. However, this winning card may not be sustainable in the long term. He can have a public, heated debate with the Israeli President, support the Gaza flotilla, or even try his luck mediating between Fatah and Hamas, but the more he shifts away from Israel, the more he will lose his ability to play as a mediator who can be trusted by both sides. Needless to mention Turkish membership of NATO, which is extremely valuable for him, and it will indeed soften his anti-Israeli stance. Even if he ignores, NATO, the maximum he can do is to cut his diplomatic ties with Israel, but he will never send his army to liberate Al_ Quds. Erdogan will soon learn the hard lesson many learned before him, “ it is too complicated”.

4- Arab uprisings may not be good news:

Regardless of its future, Arab uprising may have a negative impact on Turkey. Though Turkey has shown a strong support to the Syrian and Libyan revolts (after early hiccups about Gaddafi) and shows considerable hospitality towards Syrians refugees, which help to cement its positive image among millions of Arabs, the actual events within the Arab world will cast its shadow over Turkey.

a- If the Arab uprising succeed:

Egypt and Tunisia are the leading force behind the Arab uprising; their young, passionate youth are fighting to fulfill their dream of a vibrant, democratic, free society. If they succeed, the Arab world will eventually have a newly emerging power that will have its own plans and agenda, which may not fit in with the Turkish one. No wonder Turkey is trying desperately to influence the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, but Egypt is not Turkey, Muslim Brotherhood blind copycat policy could be disastrous.

b- If the Arab uprising results in stalemate or failed states

Chaos, anarchy is Turkey’s worst nightmare as instability, is bad for the economy. Turkish towns and cities near the Syrian border are already feeling the heat due to the halt of trade with the Assad regime, not to mention the flux of refugees. The deterioration of the situation particularly in Syria may force Turkey to interfere militarily, which again could be counterproductive. Turkey is not immune from the increasing regional, sectarian tensions; there is already tension within the local Kurdish areas, which can escalate if Kurdish refugees from Syria start to head toward the Turkish border.

c- Pro status quo

There are still several forces in the regions that are desperate to maintain the status quo, the modern Mamluks and their allies will not go without a fight and they are not happy with Turkish meddling. They will do whatever they can in order to undermine the Turkish efforts.

The Ottoman Empire was a colonial power and never a union of nations or a common wealth; any claim to the contrary is simply a twist of history for the sake of political gains. Modern Turkey can be a close friend and ally to its Arab neighbours; however, they have to address their own problems first. Erdogan need to reconcile with the 50% of Turks who did not vote for him before he builds bridges with others. As for the Arabs, they do not need a father-in-law; they will get rid of their Mamluks by their own efforts and should not allow their countries to be a mere playground for any outsider.


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Doctor Liberal Secular passionate about world affairs & politics particularly the Middle East including Turkey and Iran.

TheGathering Storm Radio Show

by WC & Always On Watch

Hi Alex

We were not able to address your e mail in full

Let me telll you the following as she numbers them:

1 What kind of Islam?

Let me be BLUNT as usual: No believing Muslim can ever be a DEMOCRAT! Every believing Muslim must succumb to Sharia! Sharia is the NEMESIS of Democracy! Sharia is the ANTITHESIS of ALL known human freedoms! Sharia, based upon Muhammad's Quran and Sunna is Hatemongerin Warmongering Misogynist Racist Vile and hence most definitely UNGODLY!

2 Parallel life

Islam & Sharia ar the enemies of ALL human beings who do NOT believe as Muslims do!
We, 80% of humanity who are NOT Muslims - whom I call Ummat al Kuffar or
Nation of Infidels - are the would be VICTIMS of Muhammadan Islam.

3 Relations with Israel

Erdogan is the usual Anti Jewish follower of Muhammad NOT because the Jews or Israel had done anything to him or Turkey but because Muhammad's Quran HATES Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Animists, Atheists etc! Islam's HATRED of all none Muslims is programmed in their minds from birth till death.

Arabs & Muslims are the most consummate COWARDS in the world who pick on Israel & the Jews because of their incredibly small size and numbers. Like all THUGS thay are best at Gang Rape!

4- Arab uprisings, etc

The Arab so called uprisings are actually only CONVULSIONS of the dead body of the Arab states! Nothing can ever grow under Sharia, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Wahabism etc - not even a blade of grass - because each and all of them are based on ONE foundation: Muhammad's SATANIC & MORONIC Quran.

Nervana's analysis and conclusions are INFINITELY more accurate than all the hundreds of billions of dollars spent by the USA on these subjects yet coming up with RUBBISH conclusions!

IQ al Rassooli