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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I told you so !

I told you so !

(Reuters) - More than 30 political parties and movements withdrew from a rally on Friday that was organized to send a united message to the ruling army about reform, saying the
event was hijacked by Islamist groups.
"Islamic law above the constitution," read banners in Cairo's Tahrir Square that was packed with tens of thousands of people. Protesters who fear Islamists will seek to dominate plans to rewrite the constitution demanded they be taken down.

"Islamic, Islamic, we don't want secular," they chanted in the square filled with many followers of the strict Salafist interpretation of Islam.


In the Sinai Peninsula, where many people own weapons, about 150 people rallied in the town of Al-Arish. Some had banners with Islamic slogans. They fired shots in the air. Security sources said one youth and a policeman were wounded.

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Al Arish On Fire "Updated"

There are huge clashes since today’s afternoon in Al Arish border city. According to what I understood there were militant group that attacked both the police and the army. It started with an attack on Al Arish second precinct by that militant group after the end of the Islamists’ protest in the city that was peaceful.
According to official sources 3 citizens “including 70 years old man and 13 years old boy” were killed and 28 other citizen were injured. An army captain was reportedly killed in the clashes.
Updated :The death toll has increased in to 4 citizens according to, a 18 years old young boy has passed away after being injured in the clashes while Ashraf Al Anay from Sinai says that the death toll increased in to 7 and while there are 23 injured; 17 are currently treated at the army hospital while the rest are being transferred by army medical helicopters to other cities.

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