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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Under the Khalifah we will be unified.

This is a good place to stop for a moment and remember all the wonderful people of good will and deep convictions who have dedicated their lives combating ignorance, misery, malnutrition ( Both, physical & spiritual ! ), social injustice, slavery of all kinds. ( you name the rest )
Most of those people are not among us any more since long time ago!
History teaches us, that most of them didn't die in bed from old age ether !...
Universal Kingdom, One Ruler, Absolute Justice, Total Equality, Eternal Peace and so on, are NOT Islamic Concepts !
They were formed and crystallized by a long list of cultures and civilization during the ages into documents such as :- "The Bill of Rights", "Magna Carta", "Wealth of Nations", "The American Constitution"... Oooops, I forgot the Bible !...
Constantly keep in mind, that Islam came from the "Jihiliya" ( The ignorance era ! ) !
Muhamad started inventing his new Religion using "Reverse Engineering methods" about 400 years AFTER the Bible was Canonized !
In those days, "The New Testament", Homer's "Odyssey", Plato's "The state" and many others, were 'best sellers' in the Middle East ! Alexander the Great gold stater, silver tetradrachm, and bronze hemiobol were the coins used in the local markets and are still used today in some remote places in Afghanistan!
Since the birth of Muhamad (until today), Islam is obsessed by its uncontrolled urge, to eliminate its "Rivals" and establish an "Honorable" place in the "Pantheon of glory and fame" among the greatest contributors to Humanity if not the only one !
Some notable scholars go even further by stating that the main drive behind the Islamic destructive force and the psychotic attitude towards "Infidels" in general, and especially the - successful, big, rich, strong or smart - a.k.a. "The Devils", is nothing but a "Malignant Inferiority Complex" !
For most of the Islamist, including their "Scholars"!... History begun about 1400 years ago.
For them this is a fact and no "Crusader" is going change that !
And what about the Pyramid? And the Sphinx? You ask him...
"Ah ! They were erected for the tourists ! It is good for business" !...

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