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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Poll - Gaza Flotilla

THE IRISH CREW members of Flotilla 2, which attempted to travel by sea to Gaza to deliver aid, have now returned to Ireland. Their efforts were halted by Greek authorities who banned ships from leaving for the region and boarded a Canadian boat trying to defy the lockdown yesterday.

The original Irish vessel would have been unable to make the journey, as it was found to be damaged last week while it was docked in Turkey. The flotilla members claimed it was sabotage, but Israel denied any involvement.

Opinion appears to be divided on the necessity or objective of the flotilla… so what do you think?

Do you support the efforts of the Gaza flotilla?

Conclusion :-

51% of the world population are NORMAL !

( there is still hope !... )

45% are MORONS !

2% are Vegetables !

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