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Wednesday, February 29, 2012



After a week of speculation, the DOE&W issued the new gas prices for March. Tonight at midnight, fuel price will raise by 38 (IL)cents per liter, and the price of one liter of gasoline 95 octane unleaded self-service will be 8.05 Shekels per liter.
This represents an increase of 5.09% over the previous rate.
A barrel of crud, on its way to $200/barrel!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Re-Islamize "O" Now!

According to Sharia law, if one's father is Muslim, one automatically becomes Muslim. "Most of the Muslims I know (me included) can't seem to accept that Obama is not a Muslim."
Because of this automatic passage of religion from father to son, and because Obama attended a madrassa (Muslim religious school during his youth in Indonesia), many Muslims are convinced that Obama is a "secret" Muslim. In a Forbes article, "My Muslim President Obama: Why members of the faith see him as one of the flock ," writer Asma Gull Hasan elaborates:

[S]ince Election Day, I have been part of more and more conversations with Muslims in which it was either offhandedly agreed that Obama is Muslim or enthusiastically blurted out. In commenting on our new president, "I have to support my fellow Muslim brother," would slip out of my mouth before I had a chance to think twice. "Well, I know he's not really Muslim," I would quickly add. But if the person I was talking to was Muslim, they would say, "yes he is." …. Most of the Muslims I know (me included) can't seem to accept that Obama is not Muslim. Of the few Muslims I polled who said that Obama is not Muslim, even they conceded that he had ties to Islam…. The rationalistic, Western side of me knows that Obama has denied being Muslim, that his father was non-practicing, that he doesn't attend a mosque. Many Muslims simply say back, "my father's not a strict Muslim either, and I haven't been to a mosque in years." Obama even told The New York Times he could recite the adhan, the Islamic call to prayer, which the vast majority of Muslims, I would guess, do not know well enough to recite.
Read the entire article, which is more eye-opening than the author probably intended.

If Mormons baptized Anne Frank by proxy...

( And Mahatma Gandhi... )
then they must have done the same to Obama! 
The POTUS must be Re-Islamized! 
Click to Re-Islamize "O" Now!

Judge Dorit Beinish

Beinisch overturns parts of support law in final judgment

On final day in role, retiring Supreme Court president approves petitions against law denying income support to those with cars;   (Like me!...)

In her final judgment before retiring in a special farewell ceremony in the court on Tuesday, Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch and the High Court of Justice overturned two articles of the Income Support Law, which prevent people who own a car from receiving income support.

Beinisch will be replaced by Justice Asher Dan Grunis, who is set to be sworn in on Tuesday. Grunis was selected for the role after the Knesset passed an amendment to the court’s law last month. 

Dubbed the “Grunis Bill,” it effectively paved the way for Grunis to replace Beinisch by lowering the minimum tenure for a Supreme Court president from three to two years.
The former retirement age for presidents as stipulated by law was 70, which ruled out Grunis, who will be just over 67 years old on the day Beinisch retires. The new amendment reduces the minimum term to two years, making Grunis eligible for the Supreme Court presidency.
As her retirement ceremony began following the announcement of her final ruling, Labor Party chairwoman Shelly Yacimovich lauded the retiring Beinisch's achievements, saying that her work had been "a rare combination of statism and protecting individual rights."
"The public is taking leave of an important leader, who was able to work, with determination and courage, in the face of pressure from government leaders," said Yacimovich.
The Labor Party chairwoman said that Beinisch had left a legacy of important legal rulings, including banning corporal punishment against children and overturning a law against the privatization of prisons.
The Income Support law in Beinisch's final ruling stipulated that individuals and families not capable of ensuring a basic minimum subsistence income are eligible for income support payments, as long as they meet certain requirements.
However, the same law stated that “a vehicle owned or utilized by the insured person precludes entitlement to benefits,” a clause which both civil and women’s rights groups have vocally opposed, arguing that it harms weaker sections of the population.
Itach - Women Lawyers for Social Justice, Adalah, Sawt al- Amel (“Worker’s Voice”) and the Legal Aid Department of the Justice Ministry had all filed petitions against the National Insurance Institute (NII) and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.
As is common practice for petitions on identical issues, the High Court decided to hear the petitions together and make a single ruling on all of them.
The petitions sought to abolish a law that unnecessarily harms one of the country’s weakest populations, Shemesh- Perlmutter said, adding that the call to overturn the clauses was part of the country’s continuing fight for social justice.
Adalah say in their petition that the law particularly discriminates against Arab communities, where there is a shortage of jobs and where public transport infrastructure is also lacking, making it difficult for people to travel without a car. 
In its written response to the petition in December, the NII and the state attorney’s office argued that vehicle use per se does not necessarily preclude eligibility for income support, and noted that there are certain exceptions and that the law relates to permanent use of a car. 

The state said that use of a car involves both fixed expenses, like insurance, and personal expenses like gas that vary from person to person, meaning that the NII cannot make objective calculations about cost.
However, the petitioners argue that denying income support to weaker populations – in Itach’s case, single mothers – simply because they had the use of a car is “absurd.”

Twitlonger #g5h2cg

@DioscorusBoles @MFS001 @bobpulga @Indian__citizen @Nervana_1
Amnesty International published a report indicating an increase in cases of violation of human rights in Irooon. 
According to the report , "4 times more executions" !

Irooon takes the Oscar for 'the best foreign film' and celebrates:-
"That's the beginning of the collapse of Israil"!...

 U.S. official: "Israil will not give early warning to US in advance"
- (before attacking Irooon !)

 'Global March to Jerusalem' Forms Board in Irooon

Only in Israil!..
Wimin drivers use Inflatable dolls as 'passengers' while driving alone... "for protection" !
Via IDF Radio
(Hummm... Inflatable IDF soldiers?...)

The revolutions have just started

Suppose Bashar al-Assad falls tomorrow, the Saudi and the Americans succeed in establishing a puppet regime and resume business as usual - is that the end of Syrians' uprising? Is that what the Arab Spring and Tahrir Square are all about? Now, suppose Russia, China and the Islamic Republic manage to keep Assad in power, is that the end of the Syrian uprising? 

No: the revolutions have just started.

The fundamental flaw of both the Left and the Right is that - one from intellectual limitation and the other out of moral deprivation - they have no ground-up conception of what it is that is unfolding in front of their eyes and we call the Arab Spring. They are both statists - power hungry, reaching to gain control of the state apparatus, or what Max Weber called "external means" of any state, its violent means of domination,
forgetting what in the same sentence Weber called the necessity of "inner justification" on part of the people subject to those external means. Syrians, like all other Arabs from Morocco to Bahrain and down to Yemen, as indeed Iranians before and along with them in the rest of the Muslim world, have lost that "inner justification" and no "external means" - provided by the US/Saudis or by Russia/Islamic Republic - can force them into obedience. 

Open-ended revolutions are what we are witnessing in the Arab world - and open-ended revolutions mean people matter, mean the Egyptians are still out in Tahrir Square, and they mean that these states, however they turn out and are manufactured by external machinations, need a populace to rule - and that populace will never be subject to one or another sort of tyranny or treachery.
The Saudis and the Islamic Republic, as with the US and the Russians/Chinese, can perform all their machinations - but resistant and defiant will remain the Syrian people - and their open-ended revolution, which is integral to the Arab Spring. 
They say you can conquer a land on horse, but you must descend in order to rule it - the same is true about Syria: From the US and Israel to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, and then from Russia and China to the Islamic Republic and Hezbollah, there certainly are many machinations at work to conquer Syria. But when all the dust is settled and these mighty machinations end, the new conquerors must come down to rule it - and when they do, they will find themselves facing the indomitable spirit of the people that have left their inner dungeons of fear - and who will never ever again be subject of either domestic tyranny or external treachery. Syrians have already won their
revolution - for the next tyrants now wishing to conquer Syria will come down from their horses, facing a nation refusing to be frightened or fooled into obedience. 

The Arab Spring has unleashed the power of ordinary people and staged the public space they occupy and the civic associations they will eventually and inevitably form on that space. The Arab Spring has already given birth to a robust revolutionary gemeinschaft that will stay with these societies no matter who and what is in power. Unbeknown to the political machinations that have divided the Left and the Right, people of Syria - as indeed people from across the Arab and Muslim world - are dispelling their agoraphobia and realising the power of their communal gatherings. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Global March to Jerusalem

TEHRAN (FNA)- The board for the Global March to Jerusalem took shape in a meeting of the representatives of different groups that support Palestine.
In light of the recent speech of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei regarding Iran's open support for different movements or groups against Israel, Hossein Shaikhol-Eslam, the Secretary of the Board for the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ), emphasized that the Global March to Jerusalem is a symbol representing the protests of the different movements from the free nations of the world against the occupation, oppression, injustice and Judaization of Jerusalem.

Yet, he underlined that the present step needs to be taken into consideration by all anti-Zionist groups.

Dr. Ruivaran, a regional analyst and another member of the board of the Global Jerusalem to Jerusalem in Iran, also stated at the meeting (which took place in the office of Ummat-e-Wahida) that the new strategy offered by the Supreme Leader is based on the new regional boundaries and the unity on the basis of the axis of resistance and opposition towards the occupying regime of Jerusalem.

He stated this strategy is in opposition to the proposed strategies from some Arab governments in the region that wish to divide the region based on religious differences.

He said it is on this basis that the support of the Global March to Jerusalem is a strategic step towards strengthening unity against Israel in the region.

Seyed Saleem Ghafuri, the Head of the Board of Executives for the Global March to Jerusalem, announced the arrival of the caravan in Iran as 24th of Isfand (March 14).

He stated that the movement which consists of different nations will go towards the boundaries of the occupying regime from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. In their masses, alongside the Palestinian refugees which reside in the mentioned countries, on the 10th of Farvardin (March 30), they will go towards the closest possible point to Jerusalem.

He emphasized that the special quality in this movement is that it consists of people from different creeds and religions of the world who stand united believing that Jerusalem is a city holy for all religions.

He stressed that this action has led to the built up of fear in the occupying regime of Jerusalem.

British Solidarity Organizations to Join GMJ Civil Resistance Movement
Indonesian Join Global March to Jerusalem Movement

   Thank you will.
The Qatari Emir presented a proposal to go to the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution for the formation of an international investigation committee to probe all actions taken by Israel since the 1967 occupation of the holy city.
He also called on the Palestinian leadership to exert every possible effort to preserve the Arab identity of Al-Quds.
“There is no Palestinian State without Al-Quds and there is no Al-Quds without Al-Aqsa Mosque,” the Emir said.
Ahmed Tibi, the Arab member of the Israeli Knesset, called the Judaization of Al-Quds an Israeli crime.
“Israel is an occupying power in East Jerusalem,” Tibi said.
“It prevents Palestinians from their freedom of religion.”
Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay said that peace will not be established in the Middle East without solving the Palestinian conflict, including the issue of Al-Quds.
“Without the liberation of Jerusalem, no real peace and stability can be achieved in the Middle East or farther afield,” he told the Anadılu Agency in Doha.
Atalay said that Al-Quds “a captive city in the hands of Israel,” had to be freed of Israeli occupation if a lasting settlement was to reign in the Middle East.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where is the world CoMuNiTy?

 As time passes and the counter continues to count the dead in Syria, I suspect, that Islamic/Arab factors are doing their best to keep the flames in Syria constantly on just enough to supply the visual props needed to appear on all networks on prime time day after day!... 
And why so?
Coz the UN, AL, HR, RC  and all the Islamic institutions are nothing but a bunch of creepoids, no goodinks, and Impotents who can't even wipe there own asses by themselves!
Yeh! I know the FARTWA!
"Muslims do not kill Muslims"!   And "Only Infidels & Crusaders kill Muslims!"...
So, let the "Big Satan" do the job as he did in Kosovo & Libya!
(The "Little Satan" may join in!... It's good for business!...)
No mother in Arizona will let her son the pilot, risk his life even for 1000 Syrian kids!  Oh, No! Not this time!

Israel and the elusive peace treaty

What’s next for Egypt, Israel and the elusive peace treaty?

By Dr. Nervana Mahmoud
The Camp David Accords, the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty brokered by President Jimmy Carter, survived 30  years under ousted president Hosni Mubarak. But the treaty was never popular amongst the people. Will it survive in the post-Mubarak era?

When Anwar Sadat signed the Camp David Peace Treaty in 1979, he probably did not foresee that he had only two years left to rule Egypt and that his successor Mubarak would rule the country for thirty long years after. It is probably also safe to say that the Arab Spring would never have entered his wildest imagination.

To his friends, Sadat was a wise leader who had done the best for his country, but to his foes he was a traitor who surrendered Egypt to the devil.

The controversy about Sadat was almost, though not completely, settled by his tragic death in 1981, but his treaty is still causing quite a stir in Egypt following the downfall of his successor Mubarak.
How did it reach that point?

Mubarak, a man who lacked charisma and vision, but had a deep desire to rule Egypt as long as possible, formulated a devious policy on Israel aiming to maintain the treaty without risking the fate of his predecessor.

In order to achieve this delicate balance, he declined to formally visit Israel so as to avoid the wrath of the Islamists. On the other hand, he established strong and occasionally secret channels with Israeli officials.

On the domestic front, he adopted a more sinister policy towards the country’s Islamists. A mixture of carrot and stick approaches: ruthlessly crushing them if they crossed the red line, while turning a blind eye to the growing xenophobia and even anti-Semitism in their teaching – as long as they behaved themselves.

The long oppressive reign of Mubarak had slowly reduced the Camp David Accords from a comprehensive peace treaty to a mere deal about security arrangements and financial aid, resented by the vast majority of Egyptians, from the Brotherhood to the belly dancers. Peace became a derogatory word, a kind of retro 70s style that is neither desirable nor acceptable.

On the other side, Israel welcomed Mubarak’s policy: it reduced 80 million Egyptians into a one-man nation. A wrong choice indeed, as the Arab Spring has brought the era of reliable authoritarianism to an end, along with leaders like Mubarak who put a lid his nation’s simmering problems. Israel invested in the lid and ignored the pot. Now the pot is wide open and it is at boiling point.

What‘s next?

The abuse of the treaty is bound to continue. If pseudo peace was Mubarak’s preferred choice, the newly emerged Islamist majority in Egypt prefers an ambiguous stalemate approach; a more hostile policy towards Israel, hostile enough to sever any remaining links with the “Zionists” without provoking a new war in the region.

Their approach is based on many considerations:

First, it is very popular: the toxic mix of inflammatory threats and rhetoric against the “Zionist” entity appeal to many in Egypt, from the ultra-conservative Salafis to the anarchists and leftist activists.

Second, ambiguity fits in well with the Islamist comfort zone. Without the obligations of peace or the commitments of war, Islamists can easily navigate their policies between the US and the West on one side and their traditional allies like Hamas on the other.

Third, and most importantly, the geopolitical reality of 2012 would prevent Israel from re-enacting the 1967 scenario. Sinai comes with strings attached: a major trap called the Gaza Strip. Israel cannot re-occupy Sinai (assuming it easily do so) without confronting Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza, and inheriting the 1.5 million Palestinian inhabitants cramped inside.

However, the Islamists should be careful with their game plan. Stalemate is not as easy as it looks, it can backfire badly:

-Stalemate creates uncertainty, which could damage the already ailing Egyptian economy and put off international investors.

-It could encourage Israel to wash its hands completely of any responsibility toward Gaza, forcing Egypt to deal with its economical and security challenges.  The recent electricity deal could be just the start.

-Israel’s response, particularly with any security breach from Sinai would be difficult to predict, but the possibility of Israel trying to partially annex parts of South Sinai (there are 4 security zones stated in the treaty, Zone C near the Israeli border being the most vulnerable) to secure its Red Sea shore and prevent infiltration from Gaza shouldn’t be dismissed.

In theory, Egypt may not lose much by adopting a stalemate approach, while Israel may gain some sympathy as result of it. However, both sides should calculate their next move carefully. In the current unpredictable climate, and the continuous deterioration of security in Sinai, tension can easily flare up with unimaginable consequences. Sadat’s peace has gone, and the war-free era may soon come to an end. Though a 1967 moment is unlikely, a modified new version is not far-fetched.

Nervana Mahmoud is a British-Egyptian anesthesiologist and a Middle East analyst. She blogs at Nervana and tweets at @nervana_1.  


“Don’t Attack Iran,” former Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said in his weekly sermon broadcast Saturday night. “Learn Torah, and G-d will save the People of Israel” and send Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to hell, he declared.

Rabbi Yosef, who also is the spiritual force behind the Shas religious party, tied the Iranian regime and its threat to destroy Israel with the wicked Hamas in the Persian Empire 2,000 years ago. He was destroyed by his own manipulations, as recalled on the holiday of Purim that will be celebrated next week beginning,  with the recital of the Book of Esther.

“In every generation, there are those who try to destroy us, and HaShem saves us” Rabbi Yosef said. “Now there is a tyrant in Iran, perhaps a reincarnation of Hamas,” he continued. “We have no one to rely on except our G-d in Heaven.”

He called on Jews to pray to HaShem, "and He will see the people are learning Torah… I saw a tyrant and he passed and no longer exists, Just like Hamas, HaShem will deal with him and we hill go to hell.”

The rabbi clearly is not depending on President Barack Obama, whose name he did not even mention. Rabbi Yosef pointed out that there never before have been so many Jews studying Torah and reiterated that HaShem will fight for Israel.


"Who is a Jew?"

'Ultra-liberal Zionist' answers to an 'Ultra-Zionist Liberal' 
the eternal question:-  "Who is a Jew?"...

Saturday, February 25th, 2012, 7:24 am

On Iran,

U.S. Jews will defend Israel down to last drop of OUR blood

If you think Israeli leaders are hawkish on Iran, listen to what some of these American Jewish leaders had to say at their get-together in Jerusalem.

The number one team of machers (big-time operators) in organized American Jewry - the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations – were in Israel this past week, and just for a hate fix, I went to a panel discussion on Iran – not to listen to the Israeli panelists, but to the machers. There were about 100 of them in Jerusalem’s Inbal hotel, and as expected, the ones who spoke up were much, much more gung-ho than the Israelis onstage.
The best question came from from Rabbi Basil Herring, executive vice president of the (Orthodox) Rabbinical Council of America. Noting the difficulty in destroying Iran’s underground nuclear installations, Herring asked if Israel would consider “the use of tactical nuclear weapons in areas that aren’t so populated, or in the open desert? To show the Iranians that their lives are on the line, that Israel won’t go quietly?”
Before anyone could answer, the Israeli moderator, eager to keep the discussion sane,  jumped in and said that since Israel doesn’t acknowledge having nuclear weapons, this was an awkward question for the panelists, better left alone.
The panelists – Uri Lubrani, an old Iran/Lebanon hand; Sima Schein, an Iran expert from the government; and David Menashri, an expert from academe - agreed that Iran shouldn’t be allowed nuclear weapons, but they were also very wary about starting a war. Their preferred solution (mine, too) was that the Iranian reform movement oust the regime. Menashri, especially, said some good things.
“A military attack on Iran may take longer that we think. It won’t be over in six days. What if it lasts two or three months? Israel cannot go into a big war,” he said.
He didn’t like the constant references to Iran’s nuclear program as an “existential threat” to Israel, either, or all the comparisons of Iran to Nazi Germany and Ahmadinejad to Hitler. “Kaddafi was Hitler, Arafat was Hitler, Nasser was Hitler and now Ahmadinejad is Hitler,” he pointed out.
This didn’t go down well. Ken Abramowitz from American Friends of Likud insisted that there was no such thing as overstating the case for Iran’s being an existential threat to Israel, the U.S. and everyplace else. Then came Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, the New York political fixer who tried last May to stop playwright Tony Kushner from getting an honorary doctorate because of his views on Israel. Comparing Iran to Nazi Germany and making sure everyone knew that he was the son of Holocaust survivors, Wiesenfeld said, “The Iranians can’t sell their oil, they have no consumer goods on their shelves, the mullahs are fighting with each other, so now’s the time they gotta kill the Jews.” Then some man whose name I didn’t catch asked in this irritating, arch tone: “Is it a fact or an aphorism that no Israeli prime minister can live with a nuclear Iran? Is it a fact or an aphorism that Israel cannot rely on another country to ensure its survival?”
The only line from the panel that got any applause was from Lubrani, when he said, ”I’ve given up on America” since it didn’t help the masses of Iranian protesters knock over the ayatollahs three years ago. The applause, I’m pretty sure, was not for the Iranian protesters’ cause, only for the idea of giving up on America under its current president.
In the lobby afterward, I asked Wiesenfeld, a loud, glad-handing, Yiddish-sampling New York type, if I could interview him. (When it comes to hating American Jewish chickenhawks, I am a stone junkie.)
He starts telling me that it’s not enough for Israel, or America, or Israel and America to bomb Iran’s nukes. ”Israel can’t go on living with 200,000 missiles pointing at it,” he said – they had to be destroyed, too. I saw no use in mentioning Israel’s deterrent power, or questioning the morality of war as a means of arms control, so I asked Wiesenfeld how Israel could survive the wars that would follow its attacks on Iran, and Syria, and Lebanon, and Gaza, and the other countries that have missiles aimed our way.
“It’s going to happen sooner or later,” he replied.
And when the missiles are falling on Israel, would he come here with his family and sit it out?
“At that point,” he said, “Jews will be targets all over the world. There won’t be any difference being in Tel Aviv or Times Square.”
One of the very few liberals in the group told me he knew of three organizational leaders who sounded like they wanted to use tactical nuclear weapons on Iran “right now.” A number of them think Netanyahu is being too soft on the Iranians. As a whole, he said, the visitors were a little shocked at all the relatively dovish talk they were hearing from some of the Israelis on these panels.
He said that when he was leaving the hall after the presentation on Iran, he overheard a few people complaining that Lubrani, Schein and Menashri had been too cautious about using military force. The Americans, said their liberal colleague, were making the point that bombing Iran “is like selling a stock – you want to sell right when the stock is at its peak, just before it starts to go down, but if you try to cut it too close, you may be too late.’”
How can you not love these people? The most gratifying words came from the permanent macher of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Malcolm Hoenlein, who assured me that if and when the war starts and missiles are falling on Israel, the group will return for a solidarity mission.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy birthday AOW

UNSC Condemns... SPIT!

IDF Foils Rocket Attack from Gaza -


UNSC Condemns Anti-Israel Terror Wave...


IDF Chief - Gantz
Source:  Arutz Sheva
By Elad Benari
IAF aircraft were able to foil a rocket attack on Israel’s southern communities late Thursday night, the IDF Spokesman reported in a statement.

According to the statement, the aircraft hit a terrorist cell in northern Gaza, whose members were just about to launch a rocket into Israeli territory.

The shooting was thwarted, the statement noted.

The IAF attack comes after earlier on Thursday evening, a Qassam rocket launched by terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza exploded in an open area next to one of the communities in the Sha'ar Hanegev region. No physical injuries or damages were reported.

Last weekend, a barrage of rockets fired from Gaza brought about several IDF retaliations. IAF aircraft attacked a rocket production site, a terrorist base and a weapons storehouse in Gaza on Saturday night, after terrorists fired at least six rockets at southern Israel on Friday and Saturday.

Gaza terrorists also fired an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) anti-tank missile at IDF soldiers patrolling near the southern border last Friday evening. None of the Israeli soldiers were wounded in the attack, and IDF forces responded with tank fire.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Now, about Adnan the hunger striker -

Twitter vs the real world:
Khader Adnan’s ‘victory’

by Petra Marquardt-Bigman
Over the past few days, pro-Palestinian activists demonstrated their ability to transform a well-known member of Islamic Jihad into a victim of Israeli abuse deserving of the solidarity of  everyone willing to speak out (or at least tweet) in defense of human rights – including the truly sincere, the merely gullible, and the openly cynical.

Protesting his detention by Israel with a two-month hunger strike, Islamic Jihad member Khader Adnan was skillfully marketed as an innocuous baker, a devoted father, husband and son, who had been arbitrarily arrested, humiliated and tortured by the evil Israeli Capital O Occupation forces.
It mattered little that it turned out that Adnan had been caught on tape issuing a fiery call for volunteer suicide bombers.

The court ordered that he be hand or leg cuffed to bed while visited by non prison service or medical personnel!

Did you hear that "physicians for Human Rights"?...
Now, go and pay a visit to Mr. Tarabin!
(The Bedu who is rotting in the Egyptian jail for more the 11 years!)

Who is Tarabin?


Tarabin was arrested by Egypt in 2000, when he was 19 years old, after crossing the border from Israel into Sinai. Tarabin was charged on mysterious – and still unknown – charges of “spying,” and was tried in absentia for espionage by an Egyptian military court and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

He was convicted under Egypt's emergency laws, and there is no possibility of parole.

(Tarabin doesn't have American citizenship!...)

Click! That's for FREE!

(Keep on sending this stuff!...)
The Bible was once regarded as the "Good Book." But today it's under relentless attack from liberals eager to justify their own political agendas.
Left-wing pundits and other widely celebrated writers warn the world about the growing menace of religious convictions. The Jesus Seminar and documentaries such as The Bible Unearthed claim to demonstrate that little or nothing the Bible says happened really happened anyway.
But now, in The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Bible, Robert J. Hutchinson sets the record straight.
Hutchinson, the winner of eight journalism awards from the Associated Church Press and other organizations, sifts through archaeological and historical evidence to prove that the Bible — both the Old and the New
Testaments — is on solid ground as history, as a guide to morality and ethics, and as the creative force behind western civilization.

The straight truth about Holy Writ:

In The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Bible, you'll discover:
  • How the ethical codes of the Old Testament were unique for their time — and why that matters
  • How there were few voices in the ancient world that discerned any distinction between what was legal and what was moral or right — aside from the biblical prophets
  • How Biblical religion is not the enemy of science — but actually made modern science possible
  • How critics of the Bible often mistake descriptions of actual
    human conduct for God's will
  • Refuted: the effort by liberal scholars to debunk those passages in the Bible that have traditionally been seen as unambiguous condemnation of homosexuality
  • How the Bible laid the ground work for modern democracy
Engaging and comprehensive, with interesting sidelights on how the Founding Fathers and great thinkers throughout history extolled the manifold virtues of deep familiarity with the contents of the Bible, The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Bible establishes a strong line of defense for conservatives looking for ammunition against the secularist onslaught.
And now, for a limited time, we at Human Events are making The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Bible available to you absolutely FREE — just for trying us at zero risk.
After all, Human Events is the news source President Reagan himself called his "favorite newspaper"... and which still holds high the Reaganesque principles of free enterprise, limited government, strong national defense, and individual freedom.
It's the periodical that the peerless Ann Coulter, our legal affairs correspondent and a key participant in our weekly editorial meetings, proudly considers her editorial "home" — and where you can read her trenchant, biting satirical columns.

Says Ann: "Not only do I write a weekly column for Human Events, I devour it from cover to cover. Why? Because it's the one newspaper I can count on to bring me the absolute, unvarnished, hard-hitting truth. And so should you."

Human Events is written and edited by gutsy people who will rescue you from the sticky tar pit of political correctness that passes for contemporary reporting... not girlie-boy editors afraid of sticking to their guns!
That means by reading Human Events, you can count on learning the news the liberal media try so hard to keep secret!

For example...
In a recent issue of Human Events we reported on those "thousands of acres" Obama speaks of as ready for oil drilling in U.S. waters... virtually none have been found to have any oil! In other words, Obama has no intention of opening new drilling anywhere in the U.S. — no matter how high the price of gasoline soars!
Human Events also reported that Obama's "economic stimulus" was simply a gargantuan gift to the states — to make sure pampered government workers did not share the same painful fate as private-sector workers who lost jobs by the millions.
Human Events revealed that ObamaCare is so brilliant and so wonderful that trade unions and companies friendly to the president are fleeing it by the thousands. In fact, Obama's health care plan is so desirable that 20% of the exemptions have gone to Nancy Pelosi's posh district in San Francisco!
There's so much at stake today. America is facing its biggest financial crisis of modern times and liberals just don't get it. Never has it been more important for you to get the truth — and not just the P.C. pabulum dished up by the mainstream media.
And now you can try Human Events with this special introductory offer — a full 30-week trial subscription at the reduced rate of just $39.95, just over a dollar an issue. That's a savings of 54% off the regular rate.

Click! That's for FREE!


Has your computer been hacked? Or should I rephrase that to, has your computer been hacked and you don't even know it?

For months, I have been receiving emails from friends peddling get-rich-quick schemes and selling "vitamins"- and Viagra and Cialis- online.

"They" claimed that "they" were more financially "solvent" than ever before and asked that everyone in their address books join up and get in while the going is good and start selling this shit online.

Being very good friends with a few from whom I thought these emails came, I called and asked how they are and if they had fallen on hard times and to please stop with the emails.

They had no idea what I was talking about and mentioned receiving similar phone calls from friends.

They had called in "IT" experts, they had called in "computer repairmen" and all they could suggest was changing email addresses.

But, the damage had already been done and these people had received abusive emails from those tired of these email "chains" and had attracted even MORE junk mail.

Apart from this, many- including myself- are receiving torrents of emails saying that emails sent from our computers to people we don't even know are "undeliverable."

Every day, I have to delete at least 400 of these emails.

And to think one very well-known television personality told me how he had "no idea" how to "maximize" views on YouTube and how Google Searches cannot be manipulated.

Oh, puhleeeeese.

On a more serious note, there is so much happening in the jungle that is cyber world and where the bad has blended with the good and it's hard to see who is wearing the white hats.

Like Dylan sang, "It's getting too dark to see/feel like I'm knocking on heaven's door" and "Anonymous' is everywhere and almost anyone.

It's all a blur "out there" where angels fear to tread and where and there is more to the eye about many things which we read and believe and think it's all hunky dory and that the Bogey Man won't come calling when we are asleep.

There is MUCH more to the eye as to why Jerry Yang left Yahoo, why the one-time internet giant is struggling and why Alibaba has had its shares suspended.

Like the glory days of the dot com boom and where everyone was caught napping, there is a downfall about to happen. One can smell it even if they were Pinocchio.
All this talk of "social media" and how it can be used- and how it can be used to con many by unscrupulous people and companies- has got way out of hand- and become big business which uses and abuses naïve gremlins to the game. Social media MIGHT have been consumer-driven, but, today, these same consumers are being sucker-punched by Big Business and Big Bucks.

When governments start using this "social media", when Mark Zuckerberg sells a large percentage of Facebook to Li Ka-shing- Hong Kong's richest man and when Rupert Murdoch starts to tweet, it's time to stop spending time on LinkedIn, Facebook, stop giving free content which gives you no ROI and posting free new songs on YouTube where copyright laws remains very grey.

It's time to get back to living life in the real world and looking people straight in the eye and seeing who blinks first.

Hiding online are some very strange characters who can be anyone you want them to be- and anyone they want you to think they are.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Egypt - 91.1% - FGM

The practice of FGM/C is Egypt is quite prevalent. However, recent evidence has shown that the practice is declining among girls and women of younger age. The recent 2008 Demographic Health Survey in Egypt (EDHS) reported that the FGM/C prevalence rate among women from ages 15-49 is 91.1 percent, but 74 percent among girls age 15-17. The recent report indicated that a decline is expected over the next fifteen years among girls age 15-17, reaching a level of 45 percent.

In 2006, another representative study was conducted by the Ministry of Health (MoH) among school girls aged 10-18 in 10 selected governorates measuring the prevalence of FGM/C among them. The study concluded that 50 percent of the girls are circumcised and that the percentage of circumcision is higher among the daughters of non-educated mothers (64.7 percent) as opposed to the daughters of women who attended university (22.3 percent). 
The 2008 EDHS has also shown that a mother’s level of education, residency and economic status are important variables. For example, urban women are less likely to be circumcised than rural women (EDHS, 2000, 2005 & 2008). The likelihood of circumcision drops by education level and wealth quintile. The 2008 EDHS reports that 31 percent of girls in the highest wealth quintile are expected to be circumcised by the age of 18 compared with 73 percent of girls in the lowest wealth quintile.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Obama to law enforcement:

Stop linking Muslims to terrorism

Israels Vibrant Democracy


Prof. Gerald M. Steinberg
By any objective standard, Israeli democracy is as robust and pluralistic as any in the world. There are no restrictions on any form of protest or advocacy, including very fierce and unpopular criticism of the government and military. No other democracy can claim to have greater freedom of expression, despite more than six decades of war and terrorism; threats of annihilation; and in parallel, the challenges of developing a cohesive society based on numerous divergent communities scattered for generations as Diasporas, many of which do not have traditions of pluralism and democracy.
Of course, our society is not perfect -- like other nations, we have flaws, and it is our responsibility to correct them. But aggressive campaigns greatly exaggerate these imperfections, as part of the ongoing effort to delegitimize Israel, led by the soft-power of and well-financed "civil society" groups, which themselves are not subject to any democratic accountability. These accusations should not be accepted at face value, and must be tested against credible evidence that is independently verifiable.
Israel's democratic credentials include a wide-open electoral process: a free and highly critical press; a vibrant NGO sector with tens of thousands of political and social groups across the political spectrum, engaging in intense debate; as well as the systematic protection of the rights of minorities to freedom of expression and protest.
For example, each year, Israeli police forces and government institutions facilitate Gay Pride parades in Jerusalem Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Eilat; marches on Human Rights Day; protests by the Islamic movement; and to observances of the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. In the summer of 2011, mass demonstrations on socio-economic issues were a testament to Israel's dynamic civil society and a culture of advocacy and peaceable protest. Israeli police facilitated these activities, blocking off roads and granting permits. The government responded to protestors' demands positively, in the form of a task force to address their claims.
In Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and elsewhere, where thousands were murdered at the hands of their own governments, pro-democracy activists were quoted as taking inspiration from the democratic nature of Israel and its commitment to freedom of expression.
Similarly, while Arab representatives in the Knesset frequently deny the legitimacy and advocate the destruction of Israel, for which they are strongly criticized in democratic political debate, their right to express these views has not been infringed. MK Haneen Zoabi was aboard the Mavi Marmara, a boat operated by the Turkish group IHH (a member of the Union of Good, a U.S.-banned terror organization), from which Israeli soldiers were brutally attacked. In some other democracies, participation in an armed attack against one's own military forces would be considered treason, but no criminal charges were made against Zoabi. Instead, she received a minor rebuke, and continues to freely travel around the world denouncing the State of Israel, ironically in whose parliament she sits.
However, all of this has been erased by the promoters of an intense and well-financed campaign falsely accusing Israel of "anti-democratic behavior," arising from growing criticism and debate over the massive and unprecedented level of non-transparent European government funding for highly political non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
The powerful NGOs that receive this illicit largesse, removed from any democratic checks and balances, have launched a concerted effort to silence this debate. But partisan allegations from NGOs should not be taken at face
value; in a democracy, groups claiming to speak in the name of human rights have no immunity from criticism and public debate.

Leaders of powerful NGOs should face the same type of scrutiny as other political actors, including elected officials. The importance of this process was illustrated in a "wikileaks" cable in which a New Israel Fund (NIF) official, Hedna Radanovitz, told a U.S. diplomat that"the disappearance of a Jewish state would not be [a] tragedy," revealing a contrast between NIF's public statements in support of Zionism.
Thus, criticism and analysis of NGOs is not anti-democratic - indeed, it is the essence of the democratic process. And the debate over the secret NGO funding processes, and of their false claims of "war crimes", as repeated in the discredited Goldstone report, does not prevent Israeli NGOs such as Breaking the Silence, Yesh Din, Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI), and many others from publicizing their allegations.
Statements by foreign leaders, such as Hillary Clinton, and media reports on these issues, both in Israel and outside, have repeated the NGO slogans and distortions. Allegations in the editorial pages of the New York Times also fail to address basic issues related to the unique context of NGO political power in Israel, the secret foreign government funding processes, and the fact that the proposed Knesset legislation has been rejected by the robust Israeli democratic process.
More broadly, those who blindly repeat and echo false claims of an "anti-democratic" wave in Israel are again applying double standards and using false claims in order to isolate and condemn the Jewish nation state, as part of the ongoing ideological and cynical campaign of delegitimization. The exploitation of the language of democracy as a weapon to promote campaigns by narrow opposition groups empowered through secret funding processes, and not subject to any checks and balances, is the real threat to Israeli democracy.
* * * * * * * * * *
Gerald Steinberg is professor of political science at Bar Ilan University and president of NGO Monitor. This column is a summary of NGO Monitor's presentation to the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression. 

Baha'is in Egypt

The Baha'is of Egypt have been subjected to persecution and systematic oppression. While their quest for equality has been finally heard by many of their fellow citizens, there remain challenges and obstacles to the implementation of laws intended to grant them their full civil rights and equal opportunity in their society. With the emergence of the new Egypt, they are now being given the opportunity to actively engage in rebuilding their nation.


And Egypt’s Future

  by Elliott Abrams    February 20, 2012 

The Baha’i have long been under attack in Iran, as I have discussed on this blog
They have also faced a history of persecution in Egypt, under the Nasser, Sadat, and Mubarak regimes. The Muslim Brotherhood as well has long viewed the Baha’i as heretics who should not receive legal protections.

Abdel Moneim al-Shahat, a Salafi leader in Alexandria, last month threatened publicly that “We will prosecute the Bahai’s on charge of treason.  We as Salafis refuse to deal with Baha’is, because they do not exist by virtue of their faith.” While Shahat is an extremist and failed to win a seat in parliament, he remains a leader of the Salafist Nour Party and one of its spokesmen. He urged that Egypt’s new constitution not protect the rights of Baha’i on the grounds that they do not belong to a recognized religion. 

The situation of the Baha’i constitutes a test for the new “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood leadership and for Egypt’s new government.  There are no more than 2,000 Baha’i there, so they are without political influence and lack the numbers to even attempt to protect themselves–unlike Coptic Christians, who in Egypt number perhaps ten million.  If the Brotherhood and the Salafis pursue this tiny community, we will be forced to conclude that hopes for Egypt must be scaled far back.  It is worth adding that defense of the Baha’i is also a test for the millions of non-Salafist, non-Brotherhood Egyptian organizations and for Egyptian leaders and would-be leaders–starting with the influential Egyptian Judges Club, for example, and with Amre Moussa, former Arab League Secretary General and the leading presidential candidate. Perhaps even more than the treatment of American and other pro-democracy NGOs, the Baha’i are the proverbial canary in the coal mine when it comes to judging whether Egypt will move toward respect for human rights, protection of minorities, and a state based on law.

Coming soon - "Egyptium"

Jihad is our life!

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahar recently renewed Hamas’ commitment to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by means of armed jihad.
In a speech given on January 23, 2012, Al-Zahar said that Hamas would ”never give up its armed struggle against the Zionist enemy[...]“.

Al-Zahar is one of the leading candidates to replace Hamas’ leader, Khaled Meshaal, who recently announced “that he does not wish to be a candidate for the movement’s future leadership.”
The political bureau is Hamas’s principal decision-making body and its members are elected by secret ballot by the much larger consultative council.
Hamas is designated as a terrorist organization by the US, EU, Israel, Japan, Australia and Canada.


Monday, February 20, 2012

The Partition of Egypt



February 20, 2012
 Dioscorus Boles

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMERI) published an important article recently. MEMRI explores the Middle East through the region’s media, and this time, on 17 February 2012, it focused on Egypt, bringing to the attention of the public two articles that had been published earlier, on 9 and 10 February 2012, by the Egyptian official newspaper,al-Ahram, in which a government’s official and journalist attacked national and international NGOs, and accused some, particularly one American organisation – which it did not name – of working to partition Egypt into four states. MEMERI’s article comes under the title:
Egyptian Government Daily: U.S. Striving to Divide Egypt into Four Countries”, and the reader can access it by clicking the link below:

MEMRI’s article reminds us of the conspiratorial mind of the Egyptians; and this malady seems to be getting worse as the military and Islamists entered in a coalition to rule Egypt. Recently, the Superior Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), supported by the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) and the more fanatic Salafists, has raided national and international NGOs’ offices in Egypt, arrested some of their members, and accused them of fermenting unrest. A bizarre accusation, which was repeated in the government’s al-Ahram newspaper, is that these organisations, particularly one American organisation which has not been named, plot to partition Egypt. Division maps, they say, have been “uncovered at the headquarters of an American organisation”, and the seizure of a partition map of Egypt there “proves the existence of this dubious plan”. The newspaper goes on to call the so-called “Egypt’s Partition Plot مخطط تقسيم مصر”, “Bernard Lewis’ Zionist-American Plan”. Lewis is of course the British-American scholar who has written most than any other to make readers understand Islam and the Islamic world.

I was aware of the existence of this type of thinking in the mind of some Muslim Egyptians. It is not new, so it is not surprising. The Islamist literature and internet pages abound with it; and ex-president Anwar Sadat (1970 – 1981) irresponsibly propagated it at some stage, even though he did not dare to point the finger of blame at the Americans or Israelis but accused poor Pope Shenouda, the spiritual leader of the Copts, of plotting to become the political as well as the religious leader of the Copts and “set up a separatist Coptic state with Assiut as its capital”. As evidence for the alleged Coptic separatist plan, he told the Parliament, on 14 May 1980, that the Palestinians in Lebanon had arrested three Coptic volunteers fighting in the ranks of the Christian Maronite militias. One can also add here the repeated allegations by Islamists that the Copts store weapons in their churches and monasteries, and this seems to be an article of faith with them, however unfounded, on which they perpetually feed their anticoptic hatred and violence.
It is, however, interesting to know what the current rulers of Egypt think Copts fit into all this alleged conspiracy, and what area in Egypt they suspect is projected to become a Coptic country. The fanciful plot, they tell us, envisages four states:
  1. A state in Sinai and the eastern part of Delta (one assumes it is basically Bedouin): this is supposed, somehow, to be under Jewish influence. We are not told what the capital of this state will be.
  2. Nubian Egypt, with Aswan as its capital: this will, somehow, be integrated with South Sudan and will also be connected to the Berbers in North Africa.
  3. Coptic Egypt (which they call, in a derogatory way, “the Nazarene State الدولة النصرانية”), with its capital at Alexandria: this will stretch southward from the southern part of Bani Suwayf Governorate to the southern part of Asyut Governorate, and westward to the city of Mrsa Matruh.
  4. Islamic Egypt, with its capital at Cairo: this will include the remainder of Egypt. This is intentionally made to look comparatively so tiny in area (see map below) so as, of course, to instigate the maximum emotional response possible against the Copts and the Nubians (who will take, as the Islamist map alleges, the largest part of Egypt). The reader can watch the following Egyptian TV programme to understand how a sample of Egyptians, presumed educated but actually a bunch of low IQ idiots, react to such claims

Map of Egypt and Sudan, produced by Islamists, and surfaced on the internet some time ago, which shows the imagined different countries that the alleged American-Jewish plot is supposed to create
The “Nazarene State” of course is what interests us here. From al-Ahram’s article and the circulated map, we can conclude that the SCAF and the Islamists assume that such state is planned to include:
  • The Governorate of Alexandria
  • The Governorate of Matruh
  • The Governorate of Minya
  • The Governorate of Asyut
  • The Governorate of Suhag
  • The western part of al-Buhayrah Governorate
  • The western part of Giza Governorate
  • The western part of Fayyum Governorate
  • The western part of Bani Suwayf Governorate
  • The northern part of New Valley Governorate
Curiously, their imagination does not stretch as far as Qena or Luxor Governorates or any part east of the Nile River. A detailed map of this proposed Coptic State will, therefore, look like this:

The proposed Coptic State, we are told, will be lying between the Nile on the east, the Libyan border on the west, the Mediterranean coast  from Alexandria westward on the north, and the two imaginary red lines as on the map of Egypt

So, that is it! The SCAF has joined the Islamists in agitating against the Americans and the Jews, and in one go also against the Copts (why not?), and accused them of trying to set up a Coptic State in Egypt. Of course the “partition plot” includes three other states, particularly a Nubian and a Bedouin-based one – however, the Coptic State, that other “entity”, or the thought of it, is evidently what triggers their fears most and raises emotions the highest. The SCAF and the Islamists in Egypt may display their diseased mind to national and international audience; and all we can do is to laugh at their idiocy. With low IQ idiots like these, all things are possible. We just warn them not to talk themselves into it, lest their worst nightmare scenarios come true.

But the basic fallacy of all Islamist thinking on this matter is this, and I must say all dictators share them in it: they think by persecution, suppression and oppression of other religions and peoples they can subdue and exploit them for ever. They did this in the past at the peak of their imperialism, and forced a dhimmitude condition on many, including the original Egyptians (Copts), where whole nations were robbed of their rights and freedoms. Now they hope that they can repeat this again. They do not realise that times, politics, power balance, and nations have changed. As we said to them several times before, living under an Islamic state, where a full dhimmitude condition is imposed, or under a quasi-secular/Islamist state such as that of Sadat’s or Mubarak’s, are not options for us at all. 

There can only be two acceptable options: either full equality and freedom in a united country with other Egyptians, or a separate state in which our nation lives secure in dignity and freedom.  If they are really keen about national unity and the territorial integrity of Egypt, and would like to frustrate all “conspiracies” to partition Egypt, real or imagined, let them discard their oppression and persecution, and start building a truly democratic country that is inclusive and respecting of the natural rights of all its peoples, regardless of their religion, race or sex. Let them stop the exclusion of Copts from important jobs and positions of eminence; let them respect the religion of the Copts and give them the freedom to worship in peace; let them recognise the unique identity of the Copts, their history, language and culture; let them end the violence against Copts by Muslims; let them make sure the terrorising, insults, humiliation, maiming, arson, looting, forced deportation, pogroms and massacres to which Copts have been exposed over the years and decades become things of the past. 

That is simple, easy and only just; and surely Egypt’s rulers, who nauseate us day and night by their excessive claim of their love for Egypt, will always want to do – or will they? Our assessment, which is borne by long-term evidence, is that they, particularly after their alliance with the Islamists, will never willingly stop their oppression and persecution, and they will never want to treat us as equal – they have never genuinely, apart from a few, wanted that, and they will never want that, because equality and freedom for the Copts simply run against the grain of their religious beliefs, and because they think they can continue to oppress and subdue us, and that we will never be able to effectively oppose them and set ourselves free from bondage, and establish an independent state of ours, in which we can live securely and freely. And yet, they always decry “threats” to Egypt’s national unity and territorial integrity. One can easily see at once their arrogance; their self-confidence or the lack of it. Further, the clever can easily detect the degree by which they abuse the alleged plot to partition Egypt in order to consolidate their rule, bolster their support amongst the ignorant, and suppress all types of opposition, particularly that of Egypt’s liberals, who stand shoulder to shoulder with Copts in demanding a civilian, secular and liberal democratic system in Egypt.

But they will never understand as the Islamists in the Sudan never understood once: in 2005 the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), or the Naivasha Agreement, was signed between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the Government of Sudan, to end the Second Sudanese Civil War and the Islamists’ dictatorship, and replace it with a democratic system in Sudan and recognition of the rights of all its religions, races and peoples. A referendum was agreed to be held in 2011 by which Southern Sudan would be asked if they wanted independence or continuation of the union with Northern Sudan. During these six years, Omar Bashir, the President of Sudan, was invested with making union with the North attractive to the Southern Sudanese, by implementing the various protocols of the CPA and by respecting the civil and political rights of Sudanese. He failed miserably in that, and that is why the South Sudan voted for separation and seceded on 9 July 2011. Bashir’s, and his Islamists’, failure in the challenge imposed on them was not a surprise – these people are simply unable to conduct themselves democratically or to offer others their due rights and freedoms, because, as I have already said, it is not in their cultural DNA, by which I mean the ideology of political Islam. But let everyone be aware that the Islamists’ failure to keep Sudan united, through good governance, is not solely due to their hostile political creed – Sharia being more precious to them than anything else, including the patrie (الوطن), they are willing to sacrifice their country’s national integrity, when they fail to achieve it by force, in order to live in an apartheid desert ruled by Sharia. It is the Islamists who are intrinsically separatists and not John Garang, the Southern Sudanese hero, or us. Sudan or Egypt, their national unity or territorial integrity, are simply dispensable when they become an impediment to the application of Sharia. 

The Islamists, and those who ally themselves to them, are the ones who are hatching, by omission or commission, the real plot to partition Egypt. Let everyone beware.

If any separatist wants to bank on anything he or she can certainly bank more profitably on two things: the Islamists’ stupidity and oppression. Nazarenes (النصارى) is the word given in Muslim literature to the Christians, thought to have been derived from the biblical town of Nazareth (الناصرة‎ ‎) in the northern part of Israel. However, the rules of Arabic grammar do not allow that.
 Al-Ahram newspaper does not mention Sohag Governorate as part of the alleged Coptic State; the map published by the Islamists, however, seems to include it.
 A dhimmitude condition in my definition is the condition whereby a non-Muslim lives under the mercy of a fully-fledged Islamist sate.
 I know this is not easy to stomach by some Muslims, even moderate Muslims, but it is an accurate assessment.
 I must emphasise here that I am not talking about all the Muslims of Egypt – as I have said several times in other articles, I distinguish between good and bad Muslims, moderate Muslims and Islamists (and those who ally themselves to Islamists). I will hasten also to add that I believe that not all Copts are good, but there is a difference here: Copts do not want to impose their religion on others – they want the country to be accommodative to all peoples without distinction based on religion, race or sex.