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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The 4th dimension of HORROR!

Unverified report from Homs - 19 premature babies died at the hospital after electricity for heating and oxygen supply were cut off!

If!   I repeat - IF  , this photo is authentic, than - this is the 4th dimension of HORROR!
Coz I've seen all the other three! 


H/T Will
18 babies killed in Syria’s Homs as power cut.(BM).CAIRO: Activists in Homs have reported that at least 18 premature babies died on Wednesday at a local hospital after electricity was cut, causing their incubators to shut down.“The babies were in al-Walid Hospital in al-Waar neighbourhood near the dissident area of Baba Amr,” an activist told German press agency dpa.It comes as near continuous shelling is being maintained by the security forces of President Bashar al-Assad in the country, which has left hundreds of civilians dead over the past few days of shelling.At least 47 people have been killed on Wednesday morning in the country.“The security forces started to storm the al-Khalidiyeh, al-Inshaat, Bab Amr neighborhoods, targeting residential areas and hospitals,” Omar Idibi, spokesman of the Syrian opposition Local Coordination Committees, told dpa in Beirut.Initial reports from inside Homs said 47 are killed and scores of people were injured and cannot reach the hospital,” he added.The government troops had arrested several injured people in the hospital where they were being treated, he said.Read the full story here.

So, these Babies are not on their way to the "Passover MATZO factory"?... Thnx G-D!
I would read his tweets (in Arabic) in his account 

Nervana will tell us that these babies are 1. Not premature but mature; 2. Not dead (normal posture).
Links please.

You just have to read his anti-Jewish rhetoric to know this guy is a big trot.
He reserves the best lie for Zionists, my friend. I do not trust these Islamists one iota.
Oh, and stop being antisemetic. At least so that people start to think of respecting you. 
 He didn't say:- "Look what the Zionists have done to these Babies"! Good Antisemit!... 
The picture of babies you posted is fake. Assad is horrible evil cretaure but Islamists are the most horrible evil creatures ever
This is antisemetic to a degree.
The picture is clearly fake. The babies look alive & well in a crowded neonatal unit
Unverified report from Homs - 19 premature (cont)

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