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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Saha ya Shanan! Sahtein!

A new MK, Shakib Shanan, was sworn in from the Knesset podium and began to serve as the (5th! Druz) Knesset member on behalf of the "Independence" faction. 

In his Maiden speech in the plenum, the new MK thanked the Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defense for appointing Matan Vilnai as Israel's ambassador to China... so he could enter the Knesset.
( The Druz are funny people...)
Shinan then added "I am a proud Israeli and Druz."
Dozens of notables Druz  & dignitaries were present on the gallery and greeted the new Druz MK with applause.
The Druz community in Israel is about 150,000 people, 1.7% of the total Israeli population (8% - of the Arabs). The 5th Druz MK sworn in today, raises their representation in the Knesset to 4% (+) of the house member... Nice!
Saha ya Shanan! Sahtein!

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