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Friday, February 3, 2012


Egyptian MP Mustafa Bakri:
America and Israel are responsible for Port Said soccer bloodbath!...
Didn't take him too long!...
Political Analysts:

US-Zionist Scheme Aims at Fragmenting All Arab Countries not Only Syria

Jan 30, 2012

MOSCOW, (SANA)-  Russian political analyst, Vyacheslav Matuzov, said the truth on which Russia is based in seeing the developments in the Arab arena, is the result of the western geopolitical policy regardless of the beautiful slogans of human rights and protecting democracy.

In an interview with the Syrian TV on Sunday, Matuzov said "Russia realized through the latest developments in the Middle East that the US policy doesn't target Syria only but the whole Arab world,"

He added , until now, some Arab kings, princes and even presidents don't understand that the conspiracy is not only against Syria, Libya and Egypt, but it is against the whole Arab world because the neo-conservatives, who are known as part of the US-Zionist tide, stand behind it.

He slammed Qatar's obvious role as a tool to impose the US will on the Arab League (AL), affirming that "Russia will not support any resolution against Syria,"

He pointed out that Russia, from the beginning, saw that what is taking place in the Arab arena is not a popular movement but a western conspiracy to change the political map of the Middle East as a whole.

Secretary General of Arab Parties Congress Abdul-Aziz al-Sayyed said that the US-Zionist scheme in the region aims at fragmenting all the Arab countries not only Syria with the assistant of some Gulf countries like Qatar to serve the US and Israel's interests in the region.
He called for unifying the Arab stance and supporting Syria in the face of the conspiracy hatched against it because Syria's fall down means the fall down of the Arab nation.

In the same context, Head of new Egyptian party of the National Unity Party Ali Mutawea said the US conspiracy against Syria with the assistance of some Western and Gulf countries targets its pan-Arab and national stances.

" Syrian people are able to face the US-Western conspiracy and foil it through supporting and rallying around their leadership." Mutawea said. 


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