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Thursday, February 23, 2012

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The Bible was once regarded as the "Good Book." But today it's under relentless attack from liberals eager to justify their own political agendas.
Left-wing pundits and other widely celebrated writers warn the world about the growing menace of religious convictions. The Jesus Seminar and documentaries such as The Bible Unearthed claim to demonstrate that little or nothing the Bible says happened really happened anyway.
But now, in The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Bible, Robert J. Hutchinson sets the record straight.
Hutchinson, the winner of eight journalism awards from the Associated Church Press and other organizations, sifts through archaeological and historical evidence to prove that the Bible — both the Old and the New
Testaments — is on solid ground as history, as a guide to morality and ethics, and as the creative force behind western civilization.

The straight truth about Holy Writ:

In The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Bible, you'll discover:
  • How the ethical codes of the Old Testament were unique for their time — and why that matters
  • How there were few voices in the ancient world that discerned any distinction between what was legal and what was moral or right — aside from the biblical prophets
  • How Biblical religion is not the enemy of science — but actually made modern science possible
  • How critics of the Bible often mistake descriptions of actual
    human conduct for God's will
  • Refuted: the effort by liberal scholars to debunk those passages in the Bible that have traditionally been seen as unambiguous condemnation of homosexuality
  • How the Bible laid the ground work for modern democracy
Engaging and comprehensive, with interesting sidelights on how the Founding Fathers and great thinkers throughout history extolled the manifold virtues of deep familiarity with the contents of the Bible, The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Bible establishes a strong line of defense for conservatives looking for ammunition against the secularist onslaught.
And now, for a limited time, we at Human Events are making The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Bible available to you absolutely FREE — just for trying us at zero risk.
After all, Human Events is the news source President Reagan himself called his "favorite newspaper"... and which still holds high the Reaganesque principles of free enterprise, limited government, strong national defense, and individual freedom.
It's the periodical that the peerless Ann Coulter, our legal affairs correspondent and a key participant in our weekly editorial meetings, proudly considers her editorial "home" — and where you can read her trenchant, biting satirical columns.

Says Ann: "Not only do I write a weekly column for Human Events, I devour it from cover to cover. Why? Because it's the one newspaper I can count on to bring me the absolute, unvarnished, hard-hitting truth. And so should you."

Human Events is written and edited by gutsy people who will rescue you from the sticky tar pit of political correctness that passes for contemporary reporting... not girlie-boy editors afraid of sticking to their guns!
That means by reading Human Events, you can count on learning the news the liberal media try so hard to keep secret!

For example...
In a recent issue of Human Events we reported on those "thousands of acres" Obama speaks of as ready for oil drilling in U.S. waters... virtually none have been found to have any oil! In other words, Obama has no intention of opening new drilling anywhere in the U.S. — no matter how high the price of gasoline soars!
Human Events also reported that Obama's "economic stimulus" was simply a gargantuan gift to the states — to make sure pampered government workers did not share the same painful fate as private-sector workers who lost jobs by the millions.
Human Events revealed that ObamaCare is so brilliant and so wonderful that trade unions and companies friendly to the president are fleeing it by the thousands. In fact, Obama's health care plan is so desirable that 20% of the exemptions have gone to Nancy Pelosi's posh district in San Francisco!
There's so much at stake today. America is facing its biggest financial crisis of modern times and liberals just don't get it. Never has it been more important for you to get the truth — and not just the P.C. pabulum dished up by the mainstream media.
And now you can try Human Events with this special introductory offer — a full 30-week trial subscription at the reduced rate of just $39.95, just over a dollar an issue. That's a savings of 54% off the regular rate.

Click! That's for FREE!

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