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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where is the world CoMuNiTy?

 As time passes and the counter continues to count the dead in Syria, I suspect, that Islamic/Arab factors are doing their best to keep the flames in Syria constantly on just enough to supply the visual props needed to appear on all networks on prime time day after day!... 
And why so?
Coz the UN, AL, HR, RC  and all the Islamic institutions are nothing but a bunch of creepoids, no goodinks, and Impotents who can't even wipe there own asses by themselves!
Yeh! I know the FARTWA!
"Muslims do not kill Muslims"!   And "Only Infidels & Crusaders kill Muslims!"...
So, let the "Big Satan" do the job as he did in Kosovo & Libya!
(The "Little Satan" may join in!... It's good for business!...)
No mother in Arizona will let her son the pilot, risk his life even for 1000 Syrian kids!  Oh, No! Not this time!

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