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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Good night Gaza!

Gaza's power station ceased to operate

Gaza's power station ceased to operate. Ismail Haniyeh called Egypt to intervene in the energy shortage and show its support for the Palestinians and provide them with everything needed to operate the station - " to prevent a real humanitarian crisis".
UN Officer for Humanitarian Affairs says - that the quantity of fuel transferred to Gaza through tunnels in the last two weeks was only half the amount of fuel that came from Egypt in the previous week, probably because of restrictions imposed by Egyptian police on the movement of fuel shipments to Rafah.

The power plant provides about a third of the electricity in Gaza, and because of the many disruptions in power supply, the Health Ministry's spokesman in Gaza warned that:-
"power cuts endanger the lives of some Hospitalized patients in the hospital." 
Hallo! El-Qaeda Sinaistan!
Blow the Gas pipe line from Egypt to Ashkelon!...  
& F**k the "other two thirds" as well !...

Good night Gaza!

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