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Monday, February 13, 2012

Nameless Post!

by Haseeb Shah  February 13, 2012
Haseeb ShahThe number of Indian children being trafficked to Israel, brutally tortured, killed and consumed as food every year far exceeds the number of deaths in Syria's civil unrest but there is no international outcry about it. RAW had proposed a processing facility to prepare and ship the meat of Indians to Israel but it was rejected because Jewish custom requires the victims to be tortured and killed over several hours before they can be eaten. A by- product of their being killed in Israel rather than India is that their skins are found to be incomparably more valuable than their meat and are used in the manufacture of super-expensive shoes and handbags. Should RAW's trafficking of Indian children to Israel as food and for their skins be a cause for regime change? You bet! This trafficking has the sanction of the Italian woman but is she a member of Indian society? The wealth that Imelda Marcos and her husband in the Philippines amassed was not even peanuts compared to the wealth amassed by the Italian woman just as Imelda Marcos' world famous shoe collection was nothing compared to the Italian woman's fetish for shoes made from the skins of Indian children. The Italian woman gifted some of these shoes made from the skins of Indian children to the French president's wife who is Italian. Also handbags. The United States Secretary of State had requested one such handbag and it was sent to her by special jet which made the trip just for this purpose. Soon it will be a standard gift item to give to people in American and European governments. The BJP said its ministers in the Karnataka legislature were only "watching" violent porn videos on a smart phone, not "doing" it. Owners of these shoes & handbags -- who report wearing these shoes or carrying the handbag to be an intensely sexual experience -- get videos of the prolonged torture, killing & skinning of the child whose skin was used in their shoes or handbags & can choose the child in advance.

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Anonymous said...

...this Haseeb Shah is just regurgitating what this man "Satish Chandra" has posted EVERYWHERE on the net...I mean...all sites, etc. The exact paragraph you posted, again and again. He has a blog...

The guy is...well see for yourself...

Monday, February 13, 2012 11:01:00 PM

Satish Chandra
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Satish Chandra Curriculum Vitae

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