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Friday, August 26, 2011

I S L A M O P H O B I A !

My comment here :-
Why is the word Islamophobia so popular among the Muslims?

1 – By saying “I’m Semite too”, an Arab admits that his ‘cousin’ is a monkey !…
( not a grate honor… but a grate shame to the “Ummah” ! )

2 – Out of the 1.5 Billion (!) Muslim on this planet, only… 360 Millions are Arabs, e.i. Semites!
(Here comes the problem, a Muslim in Indonesia can’t claim: ” I can’t be an Anti Semite coz I’m a Semite my self “‘ which he is not ! )

3 – Now, how to enjoy the “benefits” the Jews have by playing the “Victim Card” from morning till evening by yelling “Anti Semitism !”, “Holocaust !”, “6,000,000″ and emotionally extorting the West which is already stricken by guilty feelings?

We are in the “New speak era”, aren’t we? Invent a new word, silly!
Maintain the three principals :-

A – “Keep your eye on the ball”- ( Who is the target? The enemy of course!)
B – Bang your head on the wall, & limp on your left leg !
C – Wear you best western suit and yell the mirror image of the word “Anti-Semitism”, which is:-

I S L A M O P H O B I A !

Origin of the Word “Antisemitism”

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