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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Super Takiiyya !

Egyptian source :- 5 Egyptian solldiers killed yesterday "most likely" they were caught in an exchange of fire between IDF and terrorists.

مصر تتقدم باحتجاج رسمي لاسرائيل على خلفية الاحداث التى وقعت على الحدود بين مصر و اسرائيل
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Egypt submitted a formal protest to Israel against the background of the events that took place on the border between Egypt and Israel

Egypt has decided to close the border crossing with Israel in NITZANA !

The instinctive reflex - "The killed 2 Egyptian officers" & " attacks coz internal crisis" drives me bananas!

Egyptian soldiers killed, in suicide bombing
19 August, 2011 11:30
Police inspect a suicide bomb site.
Abdul Malik Watanyar / REUTERS

A number of Egyptian soldiers were killed and injured early Friday in a suicide bomb attack in the Egyptian region of Sinai near the border with Israel, Cairo security sources say.

He added that the identity of the assailant had yet to be established.

The Egyptian army has been fighting gunmen and suspected terrorists in a massive-scale crackdown in the Sinai Peninsula since August 12.

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