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Friday, October 7, 2011


“I promise you - my little girl,That this will be the last war."

The Last War -
song performed during the Yom Kippur War – 1973

"We are the children of winter 1973 promised peace"

They were both lies.

WINTER OF '73 – song performed first in 1995

I am from the generation that experienced the nightmare of the Yom Kippur War of 1973. ( As well!... )
And while Yehoram Gaon certainly entertained the troops singing “The Last War”, it was not seen at the time as anything more than just a song.
When our children were born I had every expectation that would have to serve in the IDF when they grew up. And they did.
And I have every expectation that the generations that will follow will also serve.
It is catastrophically naive to think otherwise.
Now that’s not to say that our policy makers should not strive to reach agreements and understandings with our neighbors.
Just that we do not live in a “best case scenario world” and the efficacy of these agreements and understandings must be considered without any illusions.
No. We don’t promise our children peace.
But when considered from the perspective of Jewish history, what we offer today is pretty encouraging.

The song was written in 1995 about the Yom Kippur war.
It was sung first in 95 on the eve of Yom Ha'atzmaut.
Since then it is often sung at Yom Hazikaron.

We are the children of winter 1973
You dreamt us first at dawn at the end of the battles
You were tired men that thanked their good luck
You were worried young women and you wanted so much to love
When you conceived us with love in winter 1973
You wanted to fill up with your bodies that what the war finished

And we were born the country was wounded and sad
You looked at us you hugged us you were trying to find comfort
When we were born the elders blessed with tears in their eyes
They said:" we wish those kids will not have to go to the army"
And your faces in the old picture prove
That you said it form the bottom of your hearts
When you promised to do every thing for us
To make an enemy into a loved one

You promised a dove,
an olive tree leaf,
you promised peace
You promised spring at home and blossoms
You promised to fulfill promises, you promised a dove

We are the children of winter 1973
We grew up and now in the army
with our weapon and helmet on our heads
We know how to make love to laugh and cry
We are men we are women
and we too dream about babies
This is why we will not pressure you we will demand of you
And we will not threaten you
When we were young you said promises need to be kept
We will give you strength if that is what you need
We will not hold back
We just wanted to whisper
We are the children of that winter in the year 1973

You promised a dove,
an olive tree leaf,
you promised peace
You promised spring at home and blossoms
You promised to fulfill promises,
you promised a dove

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