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Monday, September 5, 2011

“Cherchez La Israel”

Egypt, the future is behind you!
You just missed it!

You are going to see more of this! The "Ikhwan" are in charge!

The editorial in the weekly “October” written by the Chairman of the Board of the Newspaper, Ismail Munastar states that

Israel is the cause of all the
World’s troubles.

In the article, Ismail writes about the troubles that have occurred and that have afflicted the world in recent times and points to the massacre at the El Najat Church in Iraq, the booby trapped envelopes discovered on their way to Chicago and also the struggle between the North and the South in Sudan on the eve of the Referendum.

Apparently these three cases which have no common denominator, each of them having its own individual reasons, but in the article the author finds a common denominator for all these “troubles” and this is of course Israel.

The explanation is that Israel is in distress and needs time in order to escape from the clutches of the Americans and therefore it is inciting the World’s attention by creation of problems in other focal points. The weekly also employs the use of the French proverb that says that when a crime occurs “Look for the Woman” “Cherchez La Femme” and then he points to us and writes that all the World’s troubles stem from Zionism with Israel being behind it, and from now on, whenever a catastrophe occurs in the World one should say “Cherchez La Israel”.

Look to Israel instead of the woman.

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