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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today - 76 years ago - The Nuremberg laws

The Nuremberg laws

You should turn off your TV and try talking to people all over the world, you have the internet so there is no excuse to be so ignorant. Change is taking place in many Islamic countries. Many groups protest radical Islam. Open your bias eyes up. Iran, Saudi, Pakistan, an others have women rights movements, as well of all types protest against sharia law,
and many otehr things. You defeat them with education and patients.

Yep change Jews to Muslims. Show me a peaceful Muslim. I've never seen a group of muslims from any country out protesting against radical Muslims! Use your eyes. What have you ever seen about Muslims? They cause havoc & death & destruction & claim land. They murder their own woman & children! Listen to me Muslims, it's happening in Europe and it will happen in the US. We don't want you! Even if you left your country under fear of death, the day is coming when we will kill you too!

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