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Sunday, September 4, 2011

New King in Gaza


Abdullah Gul (name means slave of Allah the Beast in Arabic) in a major media interview he states categorically that Israel is no longer a friend of Israel. Walid based on his study of the Bible many years ago (1994) predicted this would happen. That was even before the Muslim fundamentalist AKP party took over power in 2002 in Turkey. Most of the Islamic Sunni countries will be taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood as we are seeing in front of our very eyes. These countries will all come under the influence of a renewed Caliphate headed by Turkey, the fatal wound of the beast (Islamic Ottoman empire) is healing (fatally wounded in 1917 by the British)  as we have seen since the deposing of the Shah of Iran in 1979 and now the rest of the Muslim world's secular dictators with Tunisia being the first to go. A peace treaty or the confirmation of the Oslo accords will be proposed/confirmed by Turkey and Israel will ultimately relent under pressure. We the "Islamaphobes" will be condemned by the rest of the world for warning against making treaties with Turkey and the Muslim world. "By peace they will deceive many" and once this treaty is signed three and half years will pass before all hell breaks loose and Israel will fall to its knees and pray for the Messiah to save them and he will as described in Zachariah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Amos, Joel, Daniel and others.
To understand fully what the Bible says concerning the next few years you may like to acquire G-d's War on Terror or the DVD series "End Times Today with Walid Shoebat."  Walid will open your eyes as to what Christians and Jews need to know concerning these days.

Posted by Keith Davies Executive Director Walid Shoebat Foundation

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Will said...

........“They [the Turks] were, upon the whole, from the black day when they first entered Europe, the one great anti-human specimen of humanity. Wherever they went, a broad line of blood marked the track behind them, and, as far as their dominion reached, civilization disappeared from view. They represented everywhere government by force, as opposed to government by law."- William Gladstone, 1876.