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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Final results in Egypt: 70% to Islamic parties! 

Myth: Democracy elected Hitler to power.
Fact: Hitler used backroom deals, not votes, to come to power.

Hitler never had more than 37% of the popular vote in the honest elections that occurred before he became Chancellor. And the opposition among the 63 percent against him was generally quite strong. Hitler therefore would have never seen the light of day had the German Republic been truly democratic. Unfortunately, its otherwise sound constitution contained a few fatal flaws. The German leaders also had a weak devotion to democracy, and some were actively plotting to overthrow it. Hitler furthermore enjoyed an almost unbroken string of luck in coming to power. He benefited greatly from the Great Depression, the half-senility of the president, the incompetence of his opposition, and the appearance of an unnecessary backroom deal just as the Nazis were starting to lose popular appeal and votes. 


Critics of democracy often claim that Hitler was democratically elected to power. This is untrue. Hitler never had the popular votes to become Chancellor of Germany, and the only reason he got the job was because the German leaders entered into a series of back-room deals. Some claim that Hitler's rise was nonetheless legal under the German system. The problem is that what was "legal" under the German system would not be considered legal under a truer and better-working democracy. In a democracy along the lines of the United States or Great Britain, Hitler could have never risen to power.
Is it true Adolf Hitler was elected democratically?
And if so what were the Germans thinking of?
How could this happen?
Could another nutter get in?
If so surely democracy is'nt that perfect after all.

He used Democracy to get himself into power so he could change Germany into the Nazi regime. He was a powerful speaker so he was able to persuade the Germans to vote for him. He promised to make their economy better and to become more powerful than ever. Well he was true to his word. Germany's economic and military power increased tremendously. The Nazi Army was almost unstoppable and the economy was booming. I mean it took many countries including the U.S. to stop Hitler. Russia , Great Britain, France and several other countries could not take down Germany. It took the U.S. to enter the war to finally end the Axis powers from conquering the world. Maybe if the U.S. had never entered the war, maybe we would all be speaking German right now.

You may think Hitler was a nut but to the German people he was like a hero. Its all in a matter of opinion and not about facts when it comes to world leaders.

Democracy is not perfect what so ever. I t has so many flaws and yet there are many positives to it. Adolf Hitler knew of its flaws and used it to get himself into power. Nobody expected him to do what he did. 


Bashar al-Assad has been elected president of Syria with
of the votes in a nationwide referendum.

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