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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We are still at war!

 520 years ago!
1492: The Catholic Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando, take advantage of the rivalry of the last Muslim governors of Spain and complete the Reconquest by taking Granada (January 2nd).
(At the same year America was discovered! & the Jews - EXPELLED!)
Miracle!... Imagine, what if not!...
There is an aggressive delusion amongst the Muslims that the lands which they overrun once, always remain Muslim lands. While the Muslims have a birthright to invade any non-Muslim land on the pretext of converting the non-Muslim population to Islam, the victims of the Muslim invasion have no right to eject the Muslims! They have to meekly subject to the will of the Muslims, who invoke the name of a fantasy they called Allah. 
Israel is like a fish-bone stuck in the Arab throat!... They consider the region as a Muslim  Waqf since the  Muslim  reconquest  of the Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1187 from the Crusaders by  Saladin .

They have tried to Re-reconquest the land of Israel almost every 10 years since 1948 - and LOST! And they are still trying! Ajad is preparing the next APOCALYPSE on the skeletons of the Iranian people, Erdogan is discharging his frustration on the Kurds, and the wanabe the next President of Egypt, is willing  to sacrifice 10 million! Egyptians in the next round... The "Arab Spring" snapped or got stuck long ago! ( I think, it came faulty as is from some Muslim factory... ) The Jewish "Jaws" or the 'Mossad Hyenas' are behind it!...

Just a day ago Hanija clarified to Abu Mazen that Hamas will NEVER recognize Israel and will continue the "RESISTANCE"... Never the less - Today's "Peace Talks" between the Palestinian & Israel in Jordan are boosting up King Abdulla's image as a 'peace maker' (or a life insurance Vs Haled Masha'l...) and will turn out as nothing but 'Moon-shining' in order to show 'unity' and look nice for the next trick at the UN!

Imagine :- Japan & Germany, telling the US - "Yes we lost & surrendered.. but it was a JOKE!"

We are still at war!

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