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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Windsdor's knot?...

Assad is clinging to the Altar with his fingernails... 
how pathetic!

Windsor's knot?...
14 minutes ago  Assad: The siege will not frighten the Syrian people and will not humiliate it.
32 minutes ago  Assad: Priority is to retain order and we will hit terrorists with an iron fist.
38 minutes ago  Assad: Developments in Syria are part of an old plot seeking to divide the region.
40 minutes ago  Assad: We're talking about a new phase in our history not a new Syria.
42 minutes ago  Assad: We are ready to begin dialogue as of tomorrow but the opposition isn't.
45 minutes ago  Assad: We want a national opposition, not an opposition taking orders from foreign sides.
47 minutes ago  Assad: Referendum on the constitution is expected to be held in March.
50 minutes ago  Assad: We don’t have a national division in Syria.
53 minutes ago  Assad: The new constitution will preserve the political diversity.
56 minutes ago  Assad: Ballot boxes will settle everything in Syria.
58 minutes ago  Assad: We are urging various sides to form political parties.
1 hour ago  Assad: The results of lifting the state of emergency will not emerge to surface amid chaos.
1 hour ago  Assad: Any country in a similar situation would impose a state of emergency, however, we insisted on lifting it.
1 hour ago  Assad: Political reform will not be enough to end the crisis in the country.
1 hour ago  Assad: The majority of the Syrian people didn’t take part in the anti-government attacks and wants reform.
1 hour ago  Assad: Reform will not prevent terrorists from going ahead with their plot.
1 hour ago  Assad: The Muslim-Christian plurality in Syria is the foundation of Arabism.
1 hour ago  Assad: They seek to replace Syria’s role with that of Israel.
1 hour ago  Assad: We became freer in practicing our Arabism after our membership was suspended.
1 hour ago  Assad: Suspending Syria’s membership from the Arab League means suspending the League’s Arabism.
1 hour ago  Assad: We are not concerned with the suspension of Syria’s membership in the Arab League.
1 hour ago  Assad: The Arab League helped directly in widening the rift between the Syrians.
1 hour ago  Assad: Some Arab countries expected that we will not respond to reform calls, but they were mistaken.
1 hour ago  Assad: The Arab countries giving us advices on reform have no knowledge of democracy.
1 hour ago  Assad: I was the first to suggest the presence of Arab observers in Syria during a meeting with an Arab League delegation.
1 hour ago  Assad: Some Arab leaders sympathize with us but oppose us politically.
1 hour ago  Assad: Some Arab countries tried playing a moral and subjective role in the Syrian crisis.
1 hour ago  Assad: Vandals took advantage of the peaceful demonstrations to engage in killings and looting.
1 hour ago  Assad: We're fighting an unprecedented battle in the history of Syria, but victory is near.
1 hour ago  Assad: The foreign and Arab media outlets were at the beginning free to operate in Syria.
1 hour ago  Assad: They’re trying to advertise the idea that I am abandoning my responsibilities, but I am not.
1 hour ago  Assad: International and regional sides seek to destabilize the situation in Syria.
1 hour ago  Assad: The foreign conspiracy is revealed.
1 hour ago  Assad: The latest incidents are a test of nationality for us.

1 hour ago  Syrian President Bashar Assad began delivering his fourth speech since the demonstrations in March.

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