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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another MUZOID!

Egyptian Cleric Yousuf Al-Badri Calls upon Sunnis and Shiites to Unite and Says: "The Nuclear Bombs of Iran and Pakistan Should Be Bombs against Israel"
Yousuf Al-Badri: Today, the Islamic nation must unite against the dangers that surround it - Iran, the Sunni East... the Sunni Maghreb, and all the Islamic states must unite.

The nuclear bombs of Iran and Pakistan should be bombs against Israel. We shall chant, like we chanted in Tehran: "Death to Israel. Death to America." We must stand united, because the Sunnis and the Shiites are the two wings of Islam. Anybody who tries
to sow discord in this nation is a sinner, sinner, sinner. Hmmmm......Don't you love Obama's 'Arab Spring'?Source Memri.


Always On Watch said...

Here comes the caliphate!

Israel will have to stand up for herself -- that's for sure.

Always On Watch said...


Why do Arabs sound so angry all the time?