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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Apology + SPIT!


Following the public outcry that followed blurring of the face of the late Ruth Fogel from the "Machon Meir" ad, the Institute today publish a formal apology. Statement from the head of the Institute Rabbi Dov Begun:- "sorry for the grief and pain caused by the improper publication"



Posted - 20/01/2012



Exclusion of women crosses new borders:

Bulletin published in hundreds of synagogues across the country published a photograph of the Fogel's family in memory of the "Itamar Massacre" 11 months ago - With Ruth's, (mother of the family), blurred image. Bulletin, published by "Machon Meir", where Ruth's father, educator, does not usually publish pictures of women for reasons of modesty!...

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