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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chosen People control the world!

Most Of the World’s Problems Result From a Plot Aimed at
“Letting the ‘Chosen People’ Control… the World”
“Awaken, Bosnia!!!  It is time to fight for the life of our nation and the survival of our race

The Bosanski Pokret Nacionalnog Ponosa (Bosnian National Pride Movement), founded about two years ago, describes itself as a National Socialist (Nazi) movement championing white supremacy and Bosnian national revival. What differentiates the BPNP from other European neo-Nazi groups is that it was founded by, and is intended for, Muslim Bosnians – as evident from its spheres of operation, which are listed on its website. [1] Indeed, the site states that 95% of the group’s members are Muslim (though this is not a mandatory requirement for membership). The website also reveals that the group celebrates the Muslim-Nazi alliance during the Second World War: It reveres the Muslims who joined the Nazi war effort, and sees a role model in their leader, then-mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, who from 1941 through 1945 collaborated with the Nazi leadership and the SS.
It should be mentioned that unlike some EU countries, Bosnia does not ban Neo-Nazi groups or the use of Nazi symbols – enabling the organization to operate and circulate its materials with impunity.
This report will review the organization’s ideology, as described on its site.

The Ideology of the BPNP
The BPNP website, which has sections in Bosnian and English, states that the organization’s ideology is based on the doctrine of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, as set out in his manifesto The NAZI-SOZI: Questions and Answers for Nationalist Socialists (1932). A section on the site is features the “Ten Commandments for National Socialists,” which is part of this manifesto, adapted for the current circumstances in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Another section on the site, headed “BNPM Attitudes,” stresses Bosnian nationalism and lists the ideologies the group rejects, which include communism, capitalism, Islamism and also Zionism, which, according to the site, is striving for world domination. The section, written in English, states:
“We are against alliances and unions whose purpose is establishment and protection of the new world order (EU as continental union and NATO as a global army). Bosnia must be a free nation with its own army which is always ready to defend the country’s sovereignty, [and which] opposes [the] globalization policy which is being forced by Zionist structures with just one purpose – [the] creation of one world government which will allow the ‘gray eminence’[2] to rule the world.
“Ideologies that are not welcome in Bosnia are: Zionism, Islamism, communism, capitalism. The only ideology good for us is Bosnian nationalism because it secures national prosperity and social justice…”            
The inclusion of “Islamism” among the rejected ideologies is noteworthy. As mentioned, the site states that 95% of the group’s members are Muslim (the other 5% being Bogomils – members of a Gnostic Christian sect that advocates a return to early Christianity). However, the site also stresses that religious affiliation is irrelevant to membership in the organization, which champions white supremacy, and that the organization does not consider religious clerics and institutions as sources of authority. In fact, it states that Bosnia’s religious establishment, and its leader, the Chief Mufti, lack any legitimacy, for they are tools through which the EU and the international community are destroying the national fabric of Bosnia. In terms of religious sentiments, the organization seems to sympathize with the Creativity Movement, a nontheistic modern religion that many white supremacist groups embrace as “the white man’s religion.”
In addition to rejecting Zionists, communists, capitalists and Islamists, the organization also expresses hostility towards other groups despised by the Nazis, namely homosexuals, gypsies and blacks.
The section titled “literature” features links to texts by Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Benito Mussolini, Reinhard Heydrich (a senior commander in the SS and one of the main architects of the Holocaust), and Alfred Rosenberg (a Nazi leader and Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories), as well as articles about the SS and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, literature about the evil influence of the Freemasons, and various texts on race theory and white supremacy.[4] The site’s photo gallery includes images relating to various topics that concern the group, including “BPNP propaganda,” “campaigns,” “enemies,” and Bosnian history.
As for the group’s activities, they seem to be confined, so far, to operating the website, circulating propaganda fliers, spray-painting slogans, and holding clandestine meetings of the group members, who, according to the site, are “very carefully screened.”
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