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Friday, March 23, 2012

Nazis? Ok! But Muslims!

The attack on the rue Copernic, Paris XVI, in October 1980.
The attack on the rue Copernic, Paris
16, October 1980.
Synagogues and schools burned, assaulted students or religious ... 
In recent years, several Jewish institutions were under attack.
March 19, 2012 Otzar Hatorah college-high school  -Toulouse, a killer on scooter opened fire, killing four people including three children, and seriously injured teenager.
September 8, 2009: Fire bomb, launched against a Jewish school in Marseille, causing damage.
January 5, 2009: a car, thrown against the gate of a synagogue in Toulouse, is burned.
April 19, 2007: Rabbi of the Nord-Pas de Calais, Elie Dahan, was beaten by a young man.
May 25, 2005: 3 bottles of hydrochloric acid threwen on a Jewish school in the 18th district in Paris.
November 15, 2003: Jewish school was devastated by fire in Gagny .
A police investigation through the rubble in the Jewish school totally destroyed by fire in Gagny, November 15, 2003.
Jewish school totally destroyed by fire in Gagny,
November 15, 2003.

October 17, 2003: Rabbi Michel Tzarfaty was hit in the face in Ris-Orangis.
July 8, 2003: Students of Chabad school in Paris attacked with iron bars.
March 22, 2003: Two members of the Hashomer Hatzair movement assaulted in Paris (III).
April 10, 2002: School bus stoned in rue Piat, Paris (XX), a student was slightly injured.
April 10, 2002: Fourteen players from the Maccabi Association were attacked in Bondy, with blows from sticks and bars.
April 1, 2002: Gold Aviv synagogue in Marseille was destroyed by Molotov cocktails. 
December 31, 2001: A class in Otzar Hatorah school in Creteil is destroyed by arson.
September 8, 1995: 14 wounded in explosion of a car bomb in front of the Jewish School of Lyon Villeurbanne (Rhône)
March 29, 1985:  18 wounded in an explosion in The Rivoli Beaubourg cinema Paris, at the International Festival of Jewish Film.
September 17, 1982: An Israeli diplomat was seriously injured (+ 51 wounded) by car bomb, in Cardinet street 17th district Paris. The attack, claimed by the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Fraction.
August 9, 1982: Rue des Rosiers, Paris IV, a squad of five men opened fire and threw grenades into the Goldenberg restaurant: six killed and 22 wounded. This is the worst anti-Semitic attack in France since the Liberation. 
Firefighters tend to a wounded (G) August 9, 1982 inside the deli Jo Goldenberg, rue des Rosiers in the heart of the old Jewish quarter in Paris.
Jo Goldenberg deli , rue des Rosiers - Paris.
August 9, 1982 
April 3, 1982: Avenue Ferdinand Buisson, Paris XVI, the Israeli diplomat Yacov Barsimantov was murdered in his apartment.
October 3, 1980: rue Copernic, Paris XVI, a bomb in the bag of a motorcycle exploded outside the synagogue - four dead and nine wounded.
March 27, 1979: Street Medicis, Paris VI, an 33 Israelis injured by explosion in a building, after the signing of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.
May 20, 1978: at Orly airport, three men opened fire in the lounge of El Al, killing four and wounding five. Attack claimed by an unknown Lebanese organization "The sons of Lebanon." 
Police intervention at Orly, 20 May 1978.
Police intervention at Orly,
20 May 1978.  

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