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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why Eilat?

Joint trip for Israeli and Palestinian children

Palestinian and Israeli children treated for their kidney conditions at Israeli hospitals, went on a joint trip to Eilat arranged by the Civil Administration

Date: 29/02/2012, 
50 Palestinian and Israeli children took off from the Dov Airport in Tel Aviv and went to the tourist city of Eilat for a joint vacation last week. 10 parents and 4 representatives from the Tikva Umarpe Association joined the three-day vacation, and will accompany the children during their stay in Eilat.

The children that participated in the trip are suffering from kidney conditions. Living in Judea and Samaria the patients travel to Jerusalem four times a week for treatment at the Israeli hospital, Shaarei Tzedek, as coordinated by the Civil Administration. The Civil Administration accompanies the children during their dialysis treatments, and will continue to do so until the conclusion of their recovery process .

"We are working for the benefit of the children, regardless of religion and nationality", said Ron'el, the representative from the Tikva Umarpe Association. "We join as one - Arabs and Jews, Religious and Secularists".

The four to eight year old children seemed extremely happy and excited while waiting for the flight. "I have never flown in an airplane, I'm very excited to visit the city of Eilat, and, of course, enjoy my stay in Israel", said one the children, Abdallah Kattana.

Abdallah's mother added that "I thank all those who recruited and assisted in making the vacation possible. Still, I would like to thank the Civil Administration for accompanying my child, and the other children as well, during the dialysis treatments and especially to extend my gratitude to Mrs. Dalia Bessa, the Health Coordinator, who maintains constant contact with the parents, accompanying and supporting them".

Mr. Moshe Talmor, the airport manager, was among those present at the event, and in response to the large group of children entering into the Dov Airport, said "That's a matter of aid, we regard it as part of the humane attitude that should exist towards the whole population, with no exception, and we will always be happy to cooperate on such events", concluded Mr. Talmor.

Via (IMRA) - Hamas:- US - Israel veto obstructing reconciliation Joint trip to Eilat for Israeli and Palestinian children with kidney conditions.
Eilat is not a safe place for kids with kidney conditions!
And not because Hamas & Al-Qaeda are firing Qassams from Sinaistan...
Coz - Joseftal Hospital in Eilat is the Zionist center for human organs harvesting...
The "reconciliation trip" is nothing but an hideous Zionist plot, to lour young Palestinian kids...
Passover is coming in a one month time from now...
And besides, since Ramallah kids haven't seen the Med in their entire life!...
( coz the Zionists are occupying the Filistinian coast... )
It would be a nice gesture if Hamas would invite the Ramallah kids to come over
to the "Copacabana Beach - Gaza" for reconciliation with the local kids!...
And the Israeli kids?
Blast them with Qassams!
And spare them the agony of their kidney condition!
S - P - I - T - !


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