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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Alexander Münch (@abuamnon)
Posted Wednesday 14th March 2012
RatAllah is talking!
In a rare meeting Hamas & Hezbollah's SG, the RAT discussed delegation led by AbuMarzouk "the escalation"!The Lebanese n/p A Sapphire - ..."the partiesagreed that Israel initiated the war to test the willingness/readiness of the terrorist organizations in Gaza to take part in a regional conflict"...
( ==== And? What's your conclusion? )
He added - " that this meeting will be followed by more, in part to coordinate mass march to Jerusalem which is to take place at the end of  this month "..
( ==== Don't forget the Body-Bags! )
Start yelling:- "Where is the World CoMuNiTy?"...  

Taliban is HERE!  ( Soon in your hood... )
Popular restaurant in Jerusalem to limit the hours of employment of women working there - coz the "Kosher Supervisor" demands so.
By order of the "Badatz" (Ultra Orthodox 'Agudat Israel' Rabbinical Court), which gives the place its "strictly kosher" certificate, the owner stoped employing waitresses on Thursday nights, when young yeshiva students fill up the place...
(The owener is an Orthodox Jew)

Mubarak: "I paid to my 'Mustashar' - Benjamin Ben Eliezer (AKA "Fuad") a monthly salary!..."

Leaked to the Egyptian press -  A part of Mubarak's memories revealed, that he passed 25 thousand dollars every month to his Israeli friend in exchange for his "advisory services on Jewish and Israeli affairs".
Fouad:- "This is absolute nonsense"
( I suspected that Iraqi for a very long time!... )

"Our Israel" movement asked the attorney general to open an investigation against Ben Eliezer.
"This report is not a wild Oriental imagination, after all we know that former Minister Fouad had a very close relationship with former Egyptian president. Therefore we think is worthwhile to examine this information," writes  Shai Gefen movement's CEO.
"We ask for a direct police investigation of former Minister Ben-Eliezer and whether there was some violation of the law and against national security"... 

"Mossad Snail" - U.S. and Israeli scientists implanted snails with electricity generation systems  (Googlish)

When I was 8 y/o, BG asked me - "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
- "A Farmer in the Negev!" I screamed in his ear...
(Nobody told me to say that!)  
The "Old Man" melted!...

PA will not recognize any legal paper work from church... such as birth / wedding / & death certificates. No legit children...

Progressive Labor Party: Communism can provide a lasting solution to the disaster that is today’s world for billions of people International · 

@abuamnon - where did you get that crazy stat from?

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