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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Letter to my young friend - Haris

For your general info And my response to this:-

- Jews/Israelis have no quarrel with the Iranians!

All the Jews who immigrated from Iran, have noting but good memories from there!
They are proud of their "Parsi" Heritage, Language, Folklore, Food, Customs etc. and miss their Iranian friends very much!
And V/V !
- The Israeli radio network broadcasting in Farsi (Daily!), Is clogged by calls coming in from Iranians expressing the same feeling!


  So, - "he means as a political entity..."  and you keep on repeating it - "just the dismantlement of Israel as a political entity..." - and comforting ME with:- 
"don't worry the people are safe."
  ! ! !

- Look carefully at my Avatar on top!
See the Blue dot on it?
It is there to stay!

- Look again a bit to the tight just above my left eye!
See the symbol on my Black Beret?
That's why!

- Right now, I worry (really do!) about your mental health!

 Just in Via E-mail
hi guys.
Google is busy shrubbing my blog from the internet, must have pissed off someone big.
My visits dropped to almost nothing in the last week.
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on March 01 they were restricting URL's from 2010 - 2011.  
 Restricted by robots.txt‎(5,748) ‎    Unreachable‎(3)

 If i Google certain posts i published in the past , word for word... nothing shows up anymore.



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